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How Well Do You Know: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
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1. Prior to becoming a bounty hunter, what was Brisco County Jr.’s occupation?
Horse Thief
Saloon Operator
2. Which of the following people did not play a femme fatale during the course of the series?
Sheena Easton
Lucy Lawless
Janel Moloney
Kelly Rutherford
3. What is the name of Brisco’s horse?
4. What is known to set Pete Hutter off?
Calling him “Hutter the Nutter”
Going into tunnels
Not giving him a fair share of the cut
Touching his "piece"
5. What does Lord Bowler collect?
6. When Brisco meets Big Smith for the first time, who does he pretend to be?
Ashley J. Williams
The Daring Dragoon
Kansas Wily Stafford
Rob Tapert
7. What is the name of the group of gentlemen who hire Brisco County Jr. to hunt down John Bly and bring him in?
The Baccarat Collectors
The Chesterfield Club
The Orb Seekers
The Westerfield Club
8. What classic television series star plays Professor Wickwire?
John Astin
Jackie Coogan
Fred Gwynne
Al Lewis
9. What is the name of Socrates’ sister?
Marie Antoinette
10. Which member of John Bly’s gang fancies himself a pirate of the land?
Blackbeard LaCutte
Jack Sparrow
Jean Lafitte
Jolly Roger
11. What is the object that John Bly is so desperate to find?
Anti-aging medicine
A newfangled weapon
The orb
A talisman
12. After Brisco turns Big Smith and John Bly over to the government, how does Bly escape?
Bly uses a piece of the orb as a key
Bly uses Big Smith as a shield, getting him killed in the process
Dixie Cousins unwittingly opens the jail cell
The Swill Brothers blow up the prison
13. What do Juno Dawkins and his henchmen steal from the government?
14. Lil Swill is angry because one of her sons was killed. Which one?
15. Who is Dixie Cousins’ ex-husband?
Big Smith
Doc McCoy
John Bly
Kansas Wiley Stafford
16. What happens to John Bly when Brisco shoots him with a bullet made of orb metal?
He dies
He is trapped in the orb
He turns into an orb creature
Nothing. John Bly has eternal life.
17. What is significant about Sheriff Aaron Viva?
He bears a marked resemblance to Elvis Presley
He is Brisco's unknown brother
He served as a scout to Custer
He touched Pete's piece
18. What is the name of the young gunfighter who becomes the frequent fly in Brisco and Bowler’s ointment?
Doc McCoy
Roy Hondo
Sonny McCoy
Whip Morgan
19. Brisco and Bowler agree to help two orphaned twins get to San Francisco. The female twin was most recently seen on what Joss Whedon show?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
20. Which character is the only one to not receive a mortal wound at some point during the series?
Brisco County Jr.
Lord Bowler
Pete Hutter
Socrates Poole
21. Who makes Brisco and Bowler his special agents?
Al Swearingen
General George Custer
President Grover Cleveland
Socrates Poole
22. Who killed Brisco County Jr.’s mother?
Big Smith
Chan, head of the Black Lotus Assassins
John Bly
Pete Hutter
23. Who tries to overthrow the President of the United States?
Professor Coles
General Quarry
John Bly
Professor Wickwire
24. What famous football player portrayed Colonel Marsh?
Terry Bradshaw
Jim Harbaugh
Howie Long
Joe Montana
25. What is Dixie Cousins’ favorite tune?
Danny Boy
File My Claim
Heartbreak Hotel
Shoo Fly

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