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How Well Do You Know: 30 Rock, Season 1 (Easy)
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30 Rock Season 1 quiz

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1. What did Liz Lemon spend $150 on in the pilot episode?
2. Liz figured out that Tracy's yacht was not really his when ... ?
Tracy said he sailed the yacht to Denver.
Dot Com's only boating experience is from a Playstation game.
Liz found the yacht's maid hiding in a closet.
Tracy said the yacht's name, "Avante domani" was Spanish for "Remember your mother".
3. What is Kenneth's middle name?
4. What derailed the relationship between Liz and Jack's friend, Thomas?
Thomas was married.
Thomas was black.
Thomas was Tom DeLay.
Thomas was a lady.
5. Jack gives Liz tickets and backstage passes to which artist's concert after walking in on the writing staff having a one-minute dance party to his music?
Ghostface Killah
6. Which of the following is not one of the catchphrases Jack suggests as the basis for a sketch?
"Nuts to you, McGillicudy!"
"Who ordered the wieners?"
"Beep beep, ribbi ribbi"
"Me want food!"
7. What phrase is sprawled across the dress Cerie picks out for Liz?
Horny Bitch
Juicy Slut
Dirty Diva
Sexy Momma
8. Why did things not work out between Liz and Gray?
They were related.
He moved to Cleveland.
She accidentally shot him at the Source Awards.
He was caught on "To Catch a Predator".
9. What job does Kenneth fulfill when joining Tracy's entourage?
Driving and cooking
Sitting on Tracy when he is overstimulated
Harmonizing with Tracy
Helping Tracy tell white people apart
10. Jenna proclaims that she is voting for whom on "Hardball"?
Barack Obama
Osama bin Laden
Hillary Clinton
John McCain
11. In their divorce negotiations, Jack forces his ex-wife Bianca to give up her stake in their ownership of which fast food restaurant?
12. Kenneth cleans which NBC personality's dressing room between 11 and 11:30 everyday so "when he gets back from the liquor store it is nice and tidy"?
Brian Williams
Chris Matthews
Al Roker
Conan O'Brien
13. Jenna inadvertently helps a prince hailing from which country to commit suicide?
14. Where does Jack go when he is depressed?
New York Stock Exchange
Christie's Auction House
Dark Sensations
15. What is the name of the 10-second Internet sitcom Devon comes up with?
Takin' Care of Business
You Can Say That Again!
Makin' it Happen
Oh, Brother!
16. The last time Floyd drank, he did a man on the street commercial for which production he hadn't even seen?
A Chorus Line
Tarzan on Ice
Mystic Pizza: The Musical
17. According to Tracy, which of these African Americans is not a member of "The Black Crusaders"?
Bill Cosby
Jesse Jackson
Barack Obama
Gordon from Sesame Street
18. In Jenna's "Sex and the City" analogy, which role does Liz fulfill?
The lady at home who watches it
19. What is the codeword Tracy needs to give Kenneth's cousin to verify his identity?
20. Why is Liz listed as Jack's emergency contact?
She spends an inordinate amount of time on WebMD.
She's not in line to replace him.
She has no life.
She wouldn't hesitate to pull the plug.
21. Throughout the first season, who is never brought up as a doppelganger for Liz Lemon?
Princess Leia
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Jennifer Jason Leigh
22. Which of the following characters does not dress up like a U.S. President at any point in Season One?
23. A cast member of which of the following television shows never guest starred as a potential love interest of Liz Lemon's during the first season?
Arrested Development
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Saturday Night Live
24. Which of the following high-profile women is mentioned as one of Jack's former girlfriends?
Martha Stewart
All of the above
25. The first season of 30 Rock won two Emmy Awards. They were for Outstanding Comedy Series and in what other category?
Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series
Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series

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