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How Well Do You Know: The Amazing Race 22 Recap
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1. Let’s start with the beginning and ending. What is the correct pair of cities that bookend the Race as the starting line and finish line?
New York City and Miami
Miami and Houston
Washington D.C. and San Francisco
Los Angeles and Washington D.C.
2. Now for the easy one: Who won the Amazing Race?
Max & Katie
Bates & Anthony
Mona & Beth
I don’t know why I am even taking this quiz because I don’t know this answer
3. Which of these is not an accurate descriptor of a team this season?
Internet hosts
police officers
4. Caroline & Jennifer are related to notable cowboy-types. Who are they related to respectively?
Davy Crockett & Roy Rogers
Jim Bowie & Sam Houston
Daniel Boone & John Wayne
Gene Autry & Wild Bill Cody
5. Kicking off the 22nd season, Phil throws this added incentive at teams: The winners of the first leg will…
get a second Express Pass to give to another team
be awarded a free Fast Forward
get to assign a U-Turn at any point
have a chance at $2 million
6. Who do John & Jessica give the extra Express Pass to?
Jamil & Idries
Joey & Meghan
David & Connor
Mona & Beth
7. Which of these teams does NOT take a penalty on the first leg during the sand castle challenge?
Caroline & Jennifer
Max & Katie
Matt & Daniel
Joey & Meghan
8. From the first leg in Bora Bora to…the next leg in Bora Bora, the teams are faced with a few tropical tasks. Which of these tasks is Jamil & Idries unable to complete, which ultimately spells their elimination?
finding pearls
setting up an underwater picnic
walking on stilts
building sand castles
9. The sprint to the second leg’s Pit Stop results in daddy David injuring what part of his body?
tail bone
Achilles tendon
10. In Phil’s home country of New Zealand, what is the challenge that David & Connor decide to use their bequeathed Express Pass on, which gives them a first place at Phil (i.e. not a real Pit Stop)?
driving a car
obstacle course
mud slide
11. The New Zealand Roadblock consists of an activity called a _______, which requires a person to dress in rain boots and a burlap sack and navigate an obstacle course involving molasses, feathers, collecting eggs and sliding down a hill into water.
Shemozzle Race
Duddington Running
Stickywicket Sprint
Christchurch Course of Shame
12. In Bali, the teams have to feed what to a monkey to get their next clue?
duh…a banana
13. By the end of the leg in Bali, John & Jessica have the distinction of being the first team to ever…?
U-Turn a team and be eliminated in the same leg
be eliminated and having an unused Express Pass in their pocket
being hit with a six-hour penalty but still not eliminated
break up in the middle of the Race…thus sealing their fate
14. The show issued an unprecedented apology at one point in the Race because one site of a clue box could best be described as very insensitive about U.S. military casualties. What country did this occur in?
15. Let’s now welcome the U-Turns to this season. In Hanoi, Joey & Meghan use a blind U-Turn against the Mullets (Chuck & Wynona) out of need to survive. Which team levied the U-Turn against Joey & Meghan on this leg?
Pam & Winnie
Bates & Anthony
Mona & Beth
Caroline & Jennifer
16. The first of two legs in Botswana showcased life on the savanna with tasks involving all of the following, except:
building a fire
digging a scorpion hole
creating a bird trap
scaling a tree
17. On the second Botswanan leg, the lead feet of two drivers land their teams on the wrong side of the law and stuck with a $100 speeding ticket each. Which of these teams got the ticket?
Max & Katie and Pam & Winnie
Pam & Winnie and Caroline & Jennifer
Caroline & Jennifer and Max & Katie
Chuck & Wynona and Pam & Winnie
18. Bates & Anthony score the Fast Forward on this leg and the task involved which of these:
water skiing
elephant riding
crocodile wrestling
By way of explanation.....
Water skiing in a croc-inhabited river no less.
19. On the snow-covered Swiss mountains, Chuck & Wynona flub the cheese wheel Switchback task and are hit with a 30-minute penalty. This allows which team to sneak by and avoid elimination and send the Mullets home?
Joey & Meghan
Mona & Beth
Max & Katie
Caroline & Jennifer
20. On the train ride to Berlin, someone’s backpack goes missing. Whose was it?
21. The names of three world leaders pop up during the leg in Berlin. Which of these men is NOT the correct answer to a trivia question (whether in the car or at the Roadblock)?
22. On the Scottish leg, the Detour of Tasty Puddin’ had teams be regaled by an actor reciting the poem “Address to a Haggis” while said thespian was dressed as what poet?
Robert Burns
William Yeats
Samuel Coleridge
James Joyce
23. During the Ireland Detour of Tray It, what is the unique color of the jelly that tripped up teams during the dessert course of the Titanic meal?
24. Going into the last leg, which of the final three teams did NOT have to perform a Speed Bump because they were spared on a nonelimination leg?
Max & Katie
Mona & Beth
Bates & Anthony
trick question…they were all subjected to a Speed Bump
25. Washington D.C. has a plethora of landmarks. Which one did the teams have to visit to get a clue?
The Washington Memorial
The White House
The Lincoln Memorial
Library of Congress

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