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How Well Do You Know: The Amazing Race 19 Recap
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1. Occupationally speaking, which of these professions is NOT held by one of this season's teams?
Former NFL player
Flight attendant
Ballet dancer
2. Let's hope you didn't select 'former NFL player' because you apparently didn't pick up on Marcus' numerous football analogies. Which of these teams did he play for during his 10-year career?
San Francisco 49ers
Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts
Denver Broncos
3. As the teams prepare to start the race in Los Angeles, Phil springs a challenge on them immediately. The teams must correctly find the letters "T A I" on a/an _______ to complete the name of their first destination - Taipei, Taiwan.
4. Along with the incentive carrot of an Express Pass for the winners of the first leg, there is a new penalty task called a Hazard for the last team to find an umbrella with TAI on it. Which team 'earns' the Hazard?
Liz & Marie
Bill & Cathi
Kaylani & Lisa
Amani & Marcus
5. Not only saddled with a Hazard, Kaylani adds stress to their leg by losing her passport. A good citizen finds it and with prodding from his contacts on what social media site heads to LAX to return it?
6. With a relatively tame first leg in Taiwan, the teams venture to Jakarta. For the season's first Detour, the choices are Money Maker or Ticket Taker. What role do the teams assume at the Ticket Taker task?
scooter valet
movie theater usher
train ticket agent
soccer stadium attendant
7. One-by-one teams fail to read a sign at an orphanage to hand over all their money from the Detour and the first pitstop. Only three of the 11 teams comply with this act of charity. Those three teams are Andy & Tommy, Laurence & Zac and the ______.
8. With a nonelimination on the first leg, the second leg ends with Double Elimination. What is the correct combination of teams that fall victim to this new twist?
Liz & Marie / Bill & Ron
Bill & Cathi / Ethan & Jenna
Bill & Ron / Kaylani & Lisa
Ethan & Jenna / Bill & Ron
9. Throughout the entire season, several teams were spared thanks to nonelimination legs, including the first leg. Which of these teams did NOT avoid elimination on such a leg?
Bill & Cathi
Liz & Marie
Amani & Marcus
Andy & Tommy
10. Still in Indonesia, the teams kick off the third leg by participating in a Colonial bike ride. During the task, what part of Ernie & Cindy's bike breaks, thus delaying them?
11. While doing the Grass Fed task, ______ make the penalty-inducing mistake of using more than two buckets at a time to fill a trough.
Andy & Tommy
Bill & Cathi
Ernie & Cindy
Laurence & Zac
12. During the third leg's arduous Roadblock at the Borobudor Temple, what was the correct number of Buddha statues they must count?
13. Snowboarders Andy & Tommy attempt to give ______ the correct answer at the temple but they couldn't quite get it right.
Kaylani & Lisa
Amani & Marcus
Laurence & Zac
Bill & Cathi
14. The fourth leg sends the teams to Phuket, Thailand, and they face a Detour offering Beach Preparation or _____ Reconstruction.
Sand castle
15. Sticking around Thailand for the fifth leg, the teams have to have to use what form of 'local transportation' to reach their Roadblock at a waterfall in the jungle?
16. When faced with the reassembly task of the 'spirit house' as the second Roadblock on this leg, which team mate has the stroke of genius to borrow her cabbie's cellphone to take a photo of it for reference?
Engaged Cindy
Twin Marie
Sibling Jennifer
Married Amani
17. The sixth leg takes the race to Malawi, Africa, where tobacco is a booming industry. For the Roadblock involving hauling 200-lb bales of tobacco, what's the gender blend of team mates performing the task?
It is all males.
It is half men and half women.
The only woman doing the task is grandma Cathi.
It is all females.
18. In Malawi, which of these teams does NOT select the All Sewn Up tailor Detour task?
Amani & Marcus
Bill & Cathi
Ernie & Cindy
Jeremy & Sandy
By way of explanation.....
Sandy happily clarifies that she sews bodies and not clothes.
19. For their Speed Bump in Africa, Amani & Marcus have to solve a slide puzzle so it shows ______.
their next clue
the Malawi flag
longitude and latitude of the next task
a tribal design
20. Even though they all have a chance to use the Double U-Turn in Malawi, the only team to do so was Laurence & Zac who U-Turned ________ in vain, as the target of said u-turn had already passed them up.
Amani & Marcus
Ernie & Cindy
Andy & Tommy
Justin & Jennifer
21. As the teams depart the continent of Africa for Denmark on the eighth leg, they must go to a belltower and spot two banners to learn their next location. The banners sport the words: '______' and 'Borgslot'.
22. To inspire his team mate during the Danish ballroom dancing challenge, _______ offers up the sage wisdom of George Lucas: "May the Force be with you."
23. With the Double U-Turn wasted on the previous leg, the Danish leg gives the teams another chance to levy the U-Turn on an opponent. Ernie & Cindy u-turn Bill & Cathi, who in turn u-turn _____, who are then eliminated.
Justin & Jennifer
Jeremy & Sandy
Laurence & Zac
Andy & Tommy
24. As the teams wake up to ninth leg, it looks like Danish is still on the menu. Putting the 'amuse' in amusement park, the teams visit Legoland and must assemble a puzzle while on what spinning ride?
Pirate Carousel
Jungle Racers
Frog Hopper
25. Non sequitur alert! This European leg of the race features clue references to what literary figure and bodybuilder/action star?
William Shakespeare and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bram Stoker and Jack LaLanne
Theodor Geisel and Sylvester Stallone
Hans Christian Anderson and Jean Claude Van Damme
26. During the bodybuilding exhibition, the teams have to score a minimum of 12 points to get their clue. Jeremy & Sandy are the only ones to do better than the minimum. What was their score?
27. The teams don't get a rest between the ninth and tenth legs as Phil hands them the next clue on the mat. At the Ford Proving Grounds, the Roadblock has a team member use a Mustang do all of the following except _______.
Drive 100 mph and brake safely to a stop
Complete a slalom course of cones in less than 15 seconds
Complete a slalom course of cones in reverse
Do a double donut
28. The Belgium Detour gives the teams a choice between making breakfast foods or building a boat. What was the cutesy names for these tasks?
Boater or Baker
Water or Waffles
Pancakes or Pontoons
Crepes or Rafts
29. The next to last leg gives homage to the famous Belgian comic hero Tintin. The teams dress up as hapless detectives from the comic and must correctly identify the the detectives by one of three easily confused pairs of names, including _____.
Thomson and Thompson
Jones and Joneses
Phillip and Phillips
Maxwell and Mackwell
30. With a challenge in Panama that requires a very keen eye to spot embroidery on a skirt, it's understandable that several teams mistake the name of Panama's currency (which is also attached to the skirt) as the name of the pitstop. Said currency is named for which explorer?
de Leon
31. The country of Panama is the scene for the heartbreaking elimination of frontrunners Andy & Tommy. How many first place finishes did the snowboarders rack up during the season?
32. Embarrassingly, it takes Amani & Marcus (mainly Marcus) a whopping __ attempts to successfully land his flight simulator.
33. For their last hurrah, the race returns teams to the states and more specifically Atlanta, Georgia. Which of these notable locations is NOT a stop on this final leg?
Turner Field
Swan House
Margaret Mitchell's home
Delta Airlines headquarters
34. Since you even took this quiz, you already know who won. But what is the relationship between winners Ernie & Cindy?
35. Which team did I want to win more than Ernie & Cindy?
Andy & Tommy
Amani & Marcus
Bill & Cathi
All of the above (This is the correct answer.)

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