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How Well Do You Know: The Amazing Race 16
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1. The 12 teams had to do something different than usual to get to the airport the first time. What did they do?
They had to hitchhike.
They had to use public transportation.
They had to walk the entire 10 miles.
They had to do it with one team member blindfolded.
2. Miss Teen USA South Carolina (“Some people out there in our nation don’t have maps.”) apparently didn’t realize she was in Chile (where they speak Spanish) for the first leg of the race. What country did she think she was in when thanking her cab driver?
Brazil (She said "obrigado")
Germany (She said "danke")
Italy (She said "gracie")
Canada (She said "thanks, eh")
3. Before proceeding to the first pit stop, the teams had to use a funicular. What is a funicular?
An inclined railway.
A carousel.
A type of bicycle used in Chile.
A tool for painting houses.
4. The season's signature moment came when Brent & Caite U-Turned Carol & Brandy. What was the second part of the Detour that Carol & Brandy had to complete as a result
Score a goal with a soccer ball
Assemble an ensemble for a sketch for a fashion designer
Ride a zip line
Make ice cream sandwiches
5. Which of these is NOT an ingredient collected while making a Kuchen?
6. Why were Brent and Caite 3+ hours late leaving Chile for Argentina?
They forgot to set their alarm clock.
They had to go to the hospital.
They were caught cheating and had a 3 hour penalty assessed.
Their cameraman tried to ditch them.
7. How many times did it take the cowboys (Jet and Cord) to lasso the steer dummy?
8. In Episode 4 (Hamburg, Germany), we encounter a road sign (previously used on The Amazing Race, but not since Season 11) called an Intersection. How does the Intersection work?
Two teams work together to complete a task.
The teams all get into cars and drive a figure-8 track until only one car is working.
Teams are required to find a certain intersection in the city.
Teams swap members
9. You knew the teams were going to have to eat some local cuisine along the way. What food did the teams eat during one option in the Road Block?
A 3-foot kielbasa.
A five pound hamburger (in Hamburg).
A dozen pretzels.
A plate of sauerkraut
10. The final three teams did not include _____.
11. How many nonelimination legs did the producers throw at us this season?
12. Which of these three teams was NOT spared in a nonelimination leg?
Jet and Cord
Brandy and Carol
Michael and Louie
Jeff and Jordan
13. A beer drinking challenge in Hamburg, Germany (way to fuel that stereotype) required teams to drink the ale from a glass _____.
14. Barreling through the roads of France looking for a particular winery, Steve and Allie used what to fix body damage done to their Mercedes?
Duct tape
Super Glue
15. Which of these was NOT an episode title for this season?
Cathy Drone
Stupid Is as Stupid Does
When the Cow Kicked Me in the Head
16. A bizarre trend continued this season as one of the countries visited during the race suffered a major natural disaster after filming occurred. Which?
17. While the season aired, we learned that which of the racers was linked in an investigation of a cocaine ring?
Jordan (of Jeff & Jordan)
Jordan (of Dan & Jordan)
18. At the end of one of the episodes, an on-screen caption noted that a local person encountered during that leg had died. Who had passed on since filming?
The mayor of Valparaíso, Chile
A boat captain in Seychelles
A Malaysian monk
The smallest man in the world
19. Which team successfully completed the Fast Forward this season?
Dan & Jordan
Steve & Allie
Joe & Heidi
Jet & Cord
20. Which represents a correct sequence in which a female racer was eliminated from the race?
Jordan - Carol - Heidi - Allie
Shawne - Shannon - Brandy - Monique
Caite - Allie - Shawne - Jody
Jody - Monique - Heidi - Jordan
21. Which of the following was a pair of teams that worked together at the Intersection?
Brent & Caite and Carol & Brandy
Dan & Jordan and Jeff & Jordan
Jet & Cord and Louie & Michael
Joe & Heidi and Monique & Shawne
22. Which of the following was not a country visited during the race?
23. Michael's decision to bring a pitch counter greatly benefited him in a roadblock as he had to count:
Anchor chain links
Gold-colored statues
Flower-patterned stamps
24. A detour in which country forced the teams to decide between Pounding The Drums and Pounding The Pavement?
25. In the detour in Seychelles, three of these teams were penalized for not correctly loading all of their coconuts into a cart. Which team wisely instead chose to work with a turtle for the detour?
Jet & Cord
Steve & Allie
Carol & Brandy
Brent & Caite
26. What was part of the message that Joe and Heidi could not decode, thereby spelling doom for their race?
The time is at hand
The war is over
Guns along the front
Attack at nightfall
27. Steve & Allie's race was hindered by the fact that they left their ___________ behind:
28. Which soft drink provided the prize at the end of one of the legs?
Dr. Pepper
Pepsi One
29. Which was not a component of the final leg?
Star Wars
A tiki bar
A horse-drawn carriage
Concert posters
30. In relation to the city that served as the starting point for the race, the finish line was located:
In an entirely different country
In a different US state
In the same state, in a city located to the north
In the same state, in a city located to the south

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