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How Well Do You Know: The Amazing Race 17 Recap
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1. Phil gave everyone the hearty, New Zealand-accented "GO!" in which city this season?
Glouchester, Mass.
Portland, Ore.
New Orleans, LA
Anapolis, MD.
2. Let's launch right into a question about a challenge that the producers struck gold with. Which lady inadvertently tried to administer a self-induced concussion with a catapult and a watermelon?
3. What medieval task the racers had to perform was NOT part of the premiere?
Crossing a moat
Using a ballista
Climbing over a castle wall
Jousting a knight
4. On the second leg in Ghana, what wasn't one of the tasks the teams faced?
sell sunglasses
install a TV antenna
help a family paint their house
haul a coffin
5. While in Ghana, the second team eliminated from the race were ______.
father and daughter
mother and son
father and son
mother and daughter
6. In Ghana at the school Detour, how many teams successfully complete the Language Arts decoding task?
All of them
By way of explanation.....
Connor and Jonathon were the only ones to find the legend needed to decode the symbols.
7. Heading from the heat of Africa to the cold of the Arctic, what were the rhyming options for the Detour on this leg of the race?
Teepees or Skis
Dogs or Logs
Downhill or Down pillow
Sled or Beds
8. For 'Sleds', what is the course time the teams have to beat to get their clue?
9. For the fourth leg in the Arctic, which of these is NOT accurate?
Jill and Thomas use their Express Pass.
Connor and Jonathon go from 1st to last and are eliminated.
Only Mallory receives a penalty lap at the dogsled Roadblock.
The Speed Bump consists of standing on a block of ice barefoot.
By way of explanation.....
Michael and Kevin had to sit on an ice chair for ten minutes for their Speed Bump.
10. The fifth leg features the appearance of the race's Fast Forward and doctors Nat & Kat go for it. The problem is that it involves eating an entire roasted ______'s head and Kat has been a vegetarian for more than two decades.
11. Luckily, Kat finishes the Fast Forward, which is a bummer for what other team that opted to try the Fast Forward?
Jill & Thomas
Nick & Vicki
Chad & Stephanie
Michael & Kevin
12. At the rappelling Roadblock, Claire explains what unpleasant phenomenon to her Norwegian safety person?
Charley horse
13. First place was never in jeopardy this leg for Nat & Kat, thanks to the Fast Forward, and this team also was destined for elimination as they started the leg in last and ended it in last.
Michael & Kevin
Nick & Vicki
Jonathon & Connor
Katie & Rachel
14. From Norway to Russia. All the teams leave on the same train and plane to their next destination city, which Thomas says is called "Venice of the North." Which city is it?
St. Petersburg
15. At possibly the hardest race Detour (Classical Music or Classic Cinema) in the history of the show, three of the four teams who chose Classical Music switch to the other task. Which of these teams were the only ones to stay at the Music challenge?
Nick & Vicki
Gary & Mallory
Nat & Kat
Chad & Stephanie
16. The Roadblock during this Russian leg of the race takes the teams to a farm and involves all the following except:
a ladder
a dress
17. Thanks to a nonelimination, Nick & Vicki are spared in St. Petersburg and are able to catch up to the others because of the Detour location's operating hours. What is this place?
a restaurant
a museum
a circus
a soccer stadium
18. The teams are directed to The Church on Spilled Blood but are instructed to walk and they can not pay a taxi to show them. Which team ignorantly violates this stipulation?
Nick & Vicki
Michael & Kevin
Nat & Kat
Gary & Mallory
19. That's right, Michael & Kevin pay a cab to show them the way but then also take another rule-breaking cab ride. This results in them incurring a time penalty worth __ minutes and thus, are eliminated.
By way of explanation.....
Chad & Stephanie fortunately made the same mistake only once so they had a 30-minute penalty.
20. The next leg in Oman was notable for Chad & Stephanie. Each of these the following things transpired for them, except:
They overslept by nearly two hours
Ended up in first place
Got engaged on the race
Survived despite a one hour penalty
By way of explanation.....
They should invite Jill & Thomas to the wedding, since it was that team's time penalty that gave them first place.
21. In Oman, one Detour option was selected by every team. That means the time the production team spent setting up the other task was a complete waste. The one everyone chose was called ______ Table.
22. Oman was the scene for the elimination of Mallory & Gary. But do you remember what state Mallory proudly represented in the Miss USA pageant?
23. Off to Bangaladesh and the producers decide to break off a new twist for the teams in the form of a double U-Turn, in which two teams face both Detour tasks. Which of these combinations is the correct match of the team who administered the U-Turn and the team that received it?
Nick & Vicki / Chad & Stephanie
Nat & Kat / Chad & Stephanie
Jill & Thomas / Nick & Vicki
Brook & Claire / Nat & Kat
24. After completing a U-Turn task (or two as the case may be) in Bangladesh, the teams had to overcome a mechanically-inclined Roadblock. Which important piece of the rickshaw did both Nick and Jill forget to include during assembly?
25. The team eliminated, thanks to the double U-Turn and their own in-fighting, were ______.
26. The Roadblock in Hong Kong took the form of an enormous buffet. Two of our Roadblock participants gorged too much in the task and had to make room for more (i.e. run to the restroom to vomit). Which of these players did this happen to?
27. Poor sport and an all around sourpuss Nick literally laid down on the job during the Detour sampan task because he was tired, while Vicki kept trying. Ultimately, they quit the task and took a __ hour penalty but were saved by it being a nonelimination.
By way of explanation.....
Honestly, Nick had been itching to quit the race entirely since the beginning of the leg.
28. The teams get a bit of anxiety when they learn they will be not only traveling to South Korea but heading into the demilitarized zone near its border with North Korea. No fear, there are U.S. troops there, who take them to what base with a not-so-intimidating name?
Camp Casey
Camp Johnson
Fort Burns
Fort Trapper
29. One of the Detour options for this South Korean leg centered around a sport that is closely identified with which of these people?
Nancy Kerrigan
Jonny Moseley
Apolo Ohno
Michael Phelps
30. For this leg, it was a forgone conclusion that Nick & Vicki would be eliminated (thanks to their 6-hour penalty) but they are still seen performing their Speedbump task at the military base. What was the task?
Polish a dozen combat boots
Wash a tank
Reassemble a rifle
Run an Army obstacle course
31. The final leg takes the teams to Los Angeles and their first stop is the Port of Long Beach for a little bungee jumping/swinging. Do you remember what pier they had to go to for the task?
32. After the Rose Bowl task, the teams had to decipher their clues for the location of the final task. Which of these does NOT belong as one of the answers?
Don Quixote
Griffith Park
Brown Derby
33. Which longtime TV game show personality makes an appearance at the final challenge as the keeper of the clue?
Chuck Woolery
Bob Barker
Bob Eubanks
Dick Clark
34. To wrap up this season, how many nonelimination legs were there?
By way of explanation.....
Michael & Kevin were spared once and Nick & Vicki were spared twice. According to reports, one of which was not planned but was a necessity due to Nick & Vicki actually completing the Classical Music task correctly and being told they were wrong.
35. Enough about the losers, let's give Nat & Kat credit for a great race. How great? Well, including the first place finish for a million dollars, the doctors hit the pitstop in first place __ times.

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