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How Well Do You Know: The Amazing Race, Season 20 Recap
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1. Because you are taking this quiz, we know you know that Rachel & Dave won The Amazing Race 20. They are also the team to claim the most first place finishes in the show's history. How many times did they end up in first place?
2. Let's go back to the start...First leg: For the opening in scenic Santa Barbara, we learn that our host Phil is a ______ enthusiast.
hot air balloon
3. First leg: Who wins the Express Pass?
Brendon & Rachel
Dave & Cherie
Rachel & Dave
Vanessa & Ralph
4. First leg: After 20 seasons, a team was eliminated because they failed to see Phil standing on the mat. Who was the first team eliminated?
Kerri & Stacy
Misa & Maiya
Joey & Danny
Rachel & Dave
5. Second leg: Federal agents Nary & Jamie perpetuate the lie that they are actually _____ teachers and not law enforcement.
6. Second leg: On the second leg in Peru, when faced with the Detour of “Boil my Water” or “Light my Fire,” all the teams opt for Boil which involved assembling a ‘solar kitchen,’ except:
the friends from Kentucky
the dating couple from Big Brother
the cousins
the Border Patrol agents
7. Third leg: In Paraguay, the Detour task called Stacked Up required teams to stack a pyramid of 100 watermelons. Only three teams successfully complete this Detour. Which of these does NOT?
Art & JJ
Joey ‘Fitness’ & Danny
Rachel & Dave
Vanessa & Ralph
8. Third leg: Which of the tasks on this leg is the one that Rachel & Dave use their Express Pass on?
the ‘Strung Out’ Detour
the ‘Stacked Up’ Detour
the wine bottle Roadblock
they don’t use it on this leg
9. Third leg: Who is the team that is unable to complete the wine bottle Roadblock and gets a two hour penalty?
Vanessa & Ralph
Brendon & Rachel
Rachel & Dave
Dave & Cherie
By way of explanation.....
Phil tells Rachel & Dave that they are the first team in twenty seasons to fail to complete a challenge, get a time penalty, and not be eliminated because of it.
10. Fourth leg: In Italy, Art & JJ successfully complete the Fast Forward involving which of the following:
a toy helicopter
11. Fourth leg: At the automobile museum, the teams are searching for what model of classic car?
Model T
Bel Air
12. Fourth leg: Who makes this accurate prediction about the Detour and Big Brother’s Brendon & Rachel: “I bet the green team eats the salami.”
Vanessa & Ralph
Art & JJ
Rachel & Dave
Nary & Jamie
13. Fifth leg: In Bavaria, the producers give the teams a Detour choice between building a gingerbread house a la Hansel and Gretel or styling a man’s facial hair. What did they call the tasks?
Fairy Tale or Hairy Tale
Fairy Tale or Champion Male
Once Upon a Time or Once Upon a Face
Bread crumbs or Beard crumbs
14. Fifth leg: Spared elimination on the last leg, Bopper & Mark have a Bavarian Speed Bump that requires them to:
eat bratwurst
make a Bavarian crème cake
sew lederhosen
15. Fifth leg: At an arduously long Roadblock that is a mix between curling and shuffleboard, it took fake teacher Nary more than 180 times to complete it. So, Nary & Jamie must have been eliminated, right? RIGHT?
Wrong, cousins Kerri & Stacy are eliminated
Wrong, Joey ‘Fitness’ & Danny are eliminated
Wrong, no one is eliminated
16. Sixth leg: The Fast Forward is claimed by Rachel & Dave in _____ by unloading/stacking ___.
Azerbaijan / hay
Tanzania / elephant dung
Bavaria / ice
Argentina / watermelons
17. Sixth leg: At the Detour, we commend the three teams that chose Apples over Oil, since they only had search a carful of apples and not clean oil off of a nearly naked man. Which of these teams did NOT try the Apples Detour?
Nary & Jamie
Vanessa & Ralph
Joey ‘Fitness’ & Danny
Art & JJ
18. Seventh leg: On this leg, arguments and confrontation were more of the focal point than the challenges themselves. Which team calls out Nary & Jamie on their professional lie?
Rachel & Dave
Brendon & Rachel
Art & JJ
Bopper & Mark
19. Seventh leg: The biggest fight came between Big Brother and Vanessa & Ralph. Complete this insult from Vanessa: “Honey, get your ___ done before you get your ____ done, do everybody a favor.”
boobs / nose
nose / boobs
chin / nose
tummy / boobs
20. Eighth leg: The teams are looking for a cart that is labeled with a name similar to what prominent U.S. figure?
Barack Ohama
Hillary Clington
Georgia W. Bosh
Jonas Abiden
21. Eighth leg: Apart from the Double U-Turned teams, who is the only team to do the Water Supply Detour that had them wait in line at a well for an hour or so?
Rachel & Dave
Bopper & Mark
Art & JJ
Nary & Jamie
22. Eighth leg: So, which of these teams was neither the one U-Turned or the one who administered the U-Turn?
Rachel & Dave
Brendon & Rachel
Art & JJ
Vanessa & Ralph
23. Ninth leg: In the Bollywood dance Roadblock, which team mate is the only one that completed it on the first attempt?
Rachel of Rachel & Dave
Rachel of Brendon & Rachel
24. Ninth leg: I didn’t insult your intelligence by even giving Mark as an option, since his multiple failures was such a big part of the episode. So, how many times does it take our Kentuckian to complete the Bollywood Roadblock?
25. Tenth leg: Once again Border Patrol’s Art & JJ are the only ones to choose a certain Detour option. This time their solo task involved?
shoveling elephant dung
shaving their heads
boxing up ginger
dressing an elephant
26. Tenth leg: Which of these teams does not complete a Fast Forward this season?
Brendon & Rachel
Rachel & Dave
Art & JJ
Bopper & Mark
27. Eleventh leg: The second to last leg takes the teams to Japan and a Japanese game show Roadblock. What is the name of the game show?
Chicken Run Game
Don't Be a Chicken Game
Bring Home That Chicken Game
Extreme Chicken Challenge Game
28. Last leg: In the final city of Honolulu, the teams had to complete tasks that included all of the following, except _______.
sand castles
lava rocks
29. Last leg: For the first time on The Amazing Race, a team (Rachel & Dave) crosses the finish line but can't be named the winner because why?
they took a cab instead of walked
they failed to pay their cab
they did the rescue swimmer task incorrectly
they skipped a Roadblock
30. Let's end on a 'fun' note: This season, which team is saddled with a person that has recurring bouts of motion sickness?
Brendon & Rachel
Art & JJ
Andrew & Elliott
Bopper & Mark

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