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How Well Do You Know: The Amazing Race 21 Recap
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1. Let's get this one out of the way first: The winners of season 21 of The Amazing Race are ______!
life partners
best friends
2. Team Roundup, Part 1: Which is not an accurate description of this season's motley crew of teams?
Monster truckers
Male dancers
Sky dive instructors
3. Team Roundup, Part 2: The world of 80s hair bands groomed the team of James & Abba. Which band did James play for in the 1980s?
Twisted Sister
White Lion
4. During the table tennis Roadblock in China, the junior champion the teams have to play against used several items as a paddle throughout the challenge. Which of these did not get used?
the clue
a dictionary
5. The first leg ends with the largest carrot ever for The Amazing Race: The first team at the first Pit Stop will be racing for a $2 million prize. Who is this lucky team?
Trey & Lexi
Abbie & Ryan
Amy & Daniel
Rob & Sheila
6. In Indonesia, the teams had to race against a bull while riding on the back of:
Another bull
A wind-powered skateboard
A motorcycle
An ostrich
7. "Thank you for sharing your smell with me." That's how Phil greets this team who is awarded the Express Pass, after a particularly foul-smelling leg. Which team got the Pass?
Natalie & Nadiya
Abbie & Ryan
Josh & Brent
Caitlin & Brittany
8. At a restaurant Roadblock, this was the number of plates of food that a team member had to carry and serve all at once during the second of the back-to-back legs in Indonesia.
9. The first U-Turns of the season were Blind U-Turns. Which team do monster truckers Rob & Kelley U-Turn but aren't eliminated?
Gary & Will
Josh & Brent
Caitlin & Brittany
Abbie & Ryan
By way of explanation.....
Gary & Will are spared because Caitlin & Brittany can't sufficiently provide accurate addresses to their cabbie.
10. Moving on to Bangladesh, the teams are finally presented with their first chance at a Fast Forward. Which team is the only one to attempt and complete the dead rat collecting task?
Abbie & Ryan
Natalie & Nadiaya
James & Abba
Jaymes & James
11. Still hanging around Bangladesh, the teams had to choose between Straw Dogs and Bamboo Jungle at one Detour. All the teams except one haul bamboo. Who is the only team to do Straw Dogs and its untangling of jute?
Jaymes & James
Abbie & Ryan
James & Abba
Natalie & Nadiya
12. During that same Detour, who is the only team to flub the Bamboo Jungle task because they left behind some of their load?
Trey & Lexi
Rob & Kelley
Josh & Brent
Jaymes & James
13. Three teams had the good fortune of being in last place on a nonelimination leg. Which of these teams was NOT spared on a nonelimination leg?
Caitlin & Brittany
Josh & Brent
James & Abba
Natalie & Nadiya
14. On the way to Turkey, Natalie & Nadiya are responsible for the most egregious example of dirty (and just plain wrong) gameplay. The twins swipe James & Abba's travel money in the amount of ____?
By way of explanation.....
The twins take all $100 but later give half to Trey & Lexi as hush money.
15. Which German city's airport was the site of multiple delays for Abbie & Ryan?
16. In Turkey, Josh & Brent must perform a Speed Bump that involves what very mundane task?
Eating ice cream
Riding in a car with a priest
Lacing up a corset
Changing a flat tire
17. The first leg in Moscow had a Detour with the teams choosing between Synchronized and Alphabetized. Which was the only team to complete the Alphabetized task of locating and retrieving books at a library?
Abbie & Ryan
Jaymes & James
Natalie & Nadiya
Trey & Lexi
18. Well, we know that Josh & Brent didn't complete the Alphabetized challenge because they attempted and failed at Synchronized. How long of a time penalty did they receive?
an hour
two hours
four hours
five hours
19. For part dva (that's 'two' in Russian) of their time in Russia, James & Abba are eliminated due to lost passports and Natalie & Nadiya use their Express Pass to get out of a challenge involving what?
Russian time zones
Russian soldier dancing
a lookalikes cocktail party
20. Off to Amsterdam and the final U-Turn of the season. Who U-Turns Abbie & Ryan, thus guaranteeing their elimination?
Trey & Lexi
Natalie & Nadiya
Josh & Brent
Jaymes & James
21. Hola, Spain. Your city of Mallorca presented our teams with challenges involving all the following, except _____.
tennis balls
bull fighters
22. The Detour option in France was between tilling a field and feeding hunting dogs. What were the cutesy names given to these tasks?
Hard work or Hound Work
Dig it or Dog it
Chow or Plow
Down & Dirty or Doggy Style
By way of explanation.....
It would be funny, if the producers inject more double entendres in their clues like the fourth option here.
23. The last leg placed the final three teams smack in the middle of the Big Apple with two Roadblocks. Which of these is the CORRECT match up of the team mates with the Roadblock they performed?
Jaymes, Trey and Josh - Escape artist drop
James, Lexi and Brent - UN "Hello" & "Goodbye" translation
Brent, James and Trey - Escape artist drop
Lexi, James and Josh - UN "Hello" & "Goodbye" translation
24. As is the tradition, each leg ends with a 'local' greeting teams on the mat next to Phil. In which country were the teams greeted by a strange 'headless' man?

(HINT: It was the same leg they got a clue from a bunches of 'demons.')
25. As we bid farewell to this quiz, let's see how well you remember the country that bid farewell to certain teams. Pick the CORRECT match of team and the country they were eliminated in.
Abbie & Ryan - Holland
Gary & Will - Bangladesh
Rob & Kelley - Turkey
Natalie & Nadiya - Spain
By way of explanation.....
The twins were spared elimination in Spain but eliminated the next leg in France.

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