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How Well Do You Know: The Amazing Race 13
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1. The local at the pit stop in New Zealand greeted the racers, "Hi, I'm:"
A sheep herder
Filmmaker Peter Jackson
Phil's dad
A Maori chieftain
2. Heading into the finals, Nick and Starr had performed the best of any of the teams, by far. How many legs did they win?
3. Which two teams won the Fast Forward?
Andrew & Dan/Terence & Sarah
Nick & Starr/Ken & Tina
Aja & Ty/Nick & Star
Toni & Dallas/Ken & Tina
4. Anita and Arthur, the first team eliminated, were married:
5. Which was not an episode title from Amazing Race 13?
Did You Push My Sports Bra Off the Ledge?
Let's Name Our Chicken Phil
You're Gonna Get Me Killed
Please Hold While I Singe My Skull
6. Andrew and Dan are the shame of which university?
Arizona State
Notre Dame
Oregon State
7. Which of these duos were frequently described in the captioning as being in a long distance relationship?
Aja & Ty
Anthony & Stephanie
Marisa & Brooke
Terence & Sarah
8. The Act Like Fools detour involved a costume resembling what type of animal?
9. This team never finished any worse than second during the first four legs of the race.
Kelly & Christy
Ken & Tina
Nick & Starr
Toni & Dallas
10. The penultimate leg required teams to tally statues of which two Soviet leaders?
Stalin & Andropov
Lenin & Stalin
Lenin & Gorbachev
Krushchev & Brezhnev
11. Which of the final four teams finished last during a non-elimination round?
Andrew & Dan
Ken & Tina
Nick & Starr
Answers 1 and 2 but not 3
12. Racers were in which three countries each for parts of three separate legs?
India, Brazil and Russia
Brazil, Kazakhstan and Russia
Cambodia, India and Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan, Russia and Bolivia
13. This team was eliminated from the race due to a 30 minute penalty caused by their taking a taxi rather than walking to the Pit Stop. They arrived in second to last, but the other team passed them during the interim 30 minutes of the penalty.
Aja & Ty
Anthony & Stephanie
Kelly & Christie
Mark & Bill
14. This team's mistake will live on in Amazing Race infamy. Not only were they eliminated during a leg of the race but they also managed to lose not just their money but also one team member's passport.
Aja & Ty
Marisa & Brooke
Terence & Sarah
Toni & Dallas
15. Which of the following racers was not pelted with colored powder during the Hindu celebration of Holi?
16. This team failed in their attempt to earn a Fast Forward due to one of their members being a vegetarian who could not swallow a batch of (admittedly disgusting) meat.
Anthony & Stephanie
Kelly & Christy
Marisa & Brooke
Terence & Sarah
17. The Russia leg included a search for an actor from which submarine movie?
Das Boot
K19: The Widowmaker
Crimson Tide
The Hunt for Red October
18. Which of these teams got busted by the fuzz for speeding in Cambodia?
Andrew & Dan
Ken & Tina
Nick & Starr
Terence & Sarah
19. Kelly & Christy, mean spirited witches that they were, frequently insulted Dallas by insinuating his hair style reminded them of a character in the movie:
The Da Vinci Code
Teen Wolf
There's Something About Mary
Wayne's World
20. Who was slightly injured operating a vehicle called a blokart?
21. Which contestant offered these sage words of wisdom? "It's just like pulling the zipper down and letting her flow, boys.”
22. One person proved they didn't pay enough attention to Flashdance, Footloose, Grease, You Got Served or Stomp the Yard. Which contestant can't dance or even formation march?
23. In which two US states did the racers travel?
Massachusetts and Oregon
Colorado and Oregon
California and Oregon
Nevada and Massachusetts
24. In which country did teams have to follow a series of numbered tags through a busy street?
25. From which team's official bio page is this taken?: "Back together again after a year-long break-up, ______ says he will propose to ______ if they make it through the Race."
Terence & Sarah
Kelly & Christy
Ken & Tina
Anthony & Stephanie

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