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Parks and Recreation, S03E12: Eagleton 5/6/11 76.60%[11.49/15]        Comments
Construction of a fence bring tensions between Pawnee and rival Eagleton to a head. Ron tries desperately to keep his birthday from being celebrated.
Justified, S02E13: Bloody Harlan 5/6/11 79.70%[7.97/10]        Comments
Boyd and Mags have a little chat, Loretta sets out on a mission and Doyle proves that maybe he wasn't the smartest of the Bennett children after all.
Amazing Race, Season 18 Recap Part 1, The: 5/5/11 84.36%[21.09/25]        Comments
For season 18, the Race is Amazing and the Business is Unfinished. Eleven previous race teams were brought back to redeem themselves or finally capture first place.
Justified, S02E12: Reckoning 4/30/11 80.60%[8.06/10]        Comments
The storm clouds gather - and begin to break - in Reckoning, the penultimate episode of Justified's second season.
Parks and Recreation, S03E11: Jerry's Painting 4/29/11 86.27%[12.94/15]        Comments
Jerry's artistic creation causes controversy for Leslie and the Parks and Recreation staff.
Parks and Recreation, S03E10: Soulmates 4/26/11 88.20%[13.23/15]        Comments
Tired of being pursued only by creeps and weirdos, Leslie ventures into the world of online dating. Hilarity ensues.
Justified, S02E11: Full Commitment 4/22/11 84.40%[8.44/10]        Comments
Tim and Raylan get to play a game of Midnight Run, Boyd and Arlo team up and Dickie gets a bit trigger-happy.
Parks and Recreation, S03E09: Fancy Party 4/18/11 87.13%[13.07/15]        Comments
You may get mad just thinking about all the people you'd fight for April, but how well do you know Parks and Recreation: Fancy Party?
Justified, S02E10: Debts and Accounts 4/15/11 78.60%[7.86/10]        Comments
Mags decides to settle her accounts, Boyd gets back in to the family business and Raylan and Winona go for a nice, quiet, uneventful drive.
Justified, S02E09: Brother's Keeper 4/9/11 74.30%[7.43/10]        Comments
Everyone goes to a picnic, Boyd and Mags carry out a shrewd negotiation and Raylan, Loretta and Coover take a trip into the woods.
Justified, S02E08: The Spoil 4/1/11 86.80%[8.68/10]        Comments
Arlo's house (and leg) get a few extra holes in them and Ava finally gets to shoot something again.
Top Chef All-Stars Recap 3/31/11 74.92%[18.73/25]        Comments
Top Chef All-Stars brought together some of the most engaging personalities to have previously appeared on the series. Also, Marcel was invited back.
Parks and Recreation, S03E08: Camping 3/25/11 83.25%[9.99/12]        Comments
You may know that you only have one chance to make a second impression, but how well do you know Parks and Recreation: Camping?
Justified, S02E07: Save My Love 3/25/11 65.70%[6.57/10]        Comments
Boyd gets a new job and acclaimed character actor Stephen Root gets to walk around with no pants on.
Parks and Recreation, S03E07: Harvest Festival 3/18/11 81.58%[9.79/12]        Comments
The Harvest Festival approaches, and everything goes great until there's talk of a curse. Then, everything goes to hell.
Justified, S02E06: Blaze of Glory 3/18/11 68.40%[6.84/10]        Comments
Winona winds up doing the wrong thing at the wrong place at the wrong time, and Art gets to sit down and have a nice chat with an old acquaintance.
Justified, S02E05: Cottonmouth 3/10/11 85.69%[11.14/13]        Comments
Hurry up and leave that note on Ava's fridge, it's time to see how well you know Justified: Cottonmouth.
Justified, S02E04: For Blood or Money 3/4/11 66.60%[6.66/10]        Comments
You may wonder why you have the office where the deputies shoot people, but how well do you know Justified: For Blood or Money?
Parks and Recreation, S03E06: Indianapolis 2/25/11 79.17%[9.50/12]        Comments
You may know one of Maxim's Top 100 Ways to Trick Someone Into Sex, but do you know Parks and Recreation: Indianapolis?
Justified, S02E03: The I Of The Storm 2/24/11 71.50%[7.15/10]        Comments
Dewey Crow reappears and decides to play dress-up and Boyd decides to have a little heart-to-heart-to-road with a new associate.
Parks and Recreation, S03E05: Media Blitz 2/18/11 90.58%[10.87/12]        Comments
Leslie, Tom and Ben do their best to drum up support for the Harvest Festival. Actually, only 2/3rds of that is true.
Justified, S02E02: The Life Inside 2/18/11 70.00%[7.00/10]        Comments
Raylan has to transport a pregnant prisoner to the doctor, which does not exactly go according to plan, Boyd gets drunk, and Winona gets to hear about Raylan's day.
Parks and Recreation, S03E04: Ron & Tammy: Part Two 2/11/11 84.08%[10.09/12]        Comments
You may cackle wildly after throwing Glen - I mean Tom - across the room into a book shelf, but how well do you know Tammy Two?
Justified, S02E01: The Moonshine War 2/11/11 65.25%[7.83/12]        Comments
You may know your poisoned moonshine from your apple pie, but how well do you know Justified, The Moonshine War?
Parks and Recreation S03E03: Time Capsule 2/4/11 88.08%[11.45/13]        Comments
Andy and Tom get romantic advice from unlikely sources in Parks and Rec: Time Capsule
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