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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E10: Debts and Accounts
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1. At the start of the episode, Art and Raylan are talking about the death of Walt MacCready. According to them, how and why did Doyle say that MacCready's died?
Coover poisoned him over some weed
Coover got drunk and accidentally ran him over
Coover killed him over a wristwatch
Coover and MacCready played a game of Russian Roulette and MacCready lost
2. What is Art's solution to the problem of Raylan, Winona and the bag of money?
For Raylan and Winona to confess and accept their punishment
For Winona to confess but say that Raylan had nothing to do with it
For Raylan to hand Winona over to the proper authorities
For them not to talk about it and hope that everything works out
3. How many years have Helen and Mags kept the peace between the Bennetts and the Givenses?
4. What colour is the car that followed Raylan and Winona from the courthouse?
5. Loretta says her social worker talks like which talk show host?
6. In order to sever her ties with him, Mags gives Dickie control of which part of the Bennett business?
Black Pike
7. Which character, who was often featured in Season 1 but has been sidelined in Season 2, does Boyd go to visit in order to pour out his feelings about his new direction in life?
Johnny Crowder
Arlo Givens
Dewey Crowe
Trick question: He visited the grave of his father, Bo Crowder
8. Why, apart from their familial bond, does Boyd consider Johnny be such an asset to his plan to take Harlan County back for the Crowders?
So they can use handicapped parking spaces
Even in a wheelchair he's a hell of a shot
He's the only one who knows where Bowman Crowder's gold is buried
Johnny knew Bo's business better than anyone
9. What is the nickname given to the man that Boyd and Johnny find at the card game they rob?
10. Which legendary recording artist does Raylan says that he eventually learned to like?
Bruce Springsteen
Bob Dylan
Joni Mitchell
Neil Young
By way of explanation.....
By way of explanation: Though Raylan quickly reverses his opinion when he discovers that Neil Young is, tragically, Canadian.

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