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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E12: Reckoning
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1. What is Raylan's response when he is told that Helen managed to hit one of her attackers before being gunned down herself?
"Well, that's something."
"Too little, too late."
"Good for her."
"Shame there's no second chances."
2. What additional ingredient makes the bacon Boyd is cooking extra special?
More bacon
3. Who informs Boyd that Helen is dead?
4. Where does Raylan find Arlo, having been told that he might find Dickie there by Mags?
At Dickie's old house
At Coover's old house
At the barn where the Bennetts grew their weed
At the Bennetts' store
5. We get a glimpse into Loretta's new home and family. How many other kids are in the same home as her?
6. What is Dickie's plan to get away with the murder of Helen?
To kill Arlo and pin it on him
To kill Boyd and pin it on him
To kill Jed and pin it on him
To fake his own death and return to Harlan as Atlas, hero of the people
7. What is Raylan's (semi-)serious proposal for drawing Dickie out?
Taking Mags hostage
Creating a trail of weed that ends under a cardboard box being held up by a stick
Setting all of his cabins on fire one by one
Tying Boyd to a stake in the middle of town and waiting
8. What is Boyd's (deadly) serious proposal for drawing Dickie out?
Taking Mags hostage
Threatening to withdraw from the Black Pike deal so that Mags has to give Dickie up
Taking Doyle hostage
Dressing someone up in a Coover suit
9. What did Raylan ask Arlo to say to Mags?
"Is he really worth protecting?"
"You want to lose another son, too?"
"What's the future worth?"
"How many people have to get hurt?"
10. How did Helen save Raylan's life?
Told him to leave and gave him the money to do it
Stopped him from killing Dickie with a baseball bat when he was in high school
Shot and killed someone who was trying to kill Raylan
Taught him how to express himself...through DANCE!

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