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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E02: The Life Inside
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1. Complete Boyd's greeting to Raylan when he meets him outside the mine: "Step out of the hole to find Raylan Givens waiting for me, for a second I thought I was..."
Seventeen again
Eighteen again
Nineteen again
Twenty again
2. Raylan lists a number of things that he is not afraid of. Which of the following was NOT on that list?
Red-headed women
3. Mags Bennett mentions the name of her son Doyle's wife when talking to Loretta, what was her name?
4. Where does Mags tell Loretta her father has gone and what is he supposedly doing there?
Up north, on vacation
Down south, on business
Out east, selling product
Out west, gambling
5. According to Winona, what does Raylan's wardrobe say about him?
He is in trouble
He is trouble
He is a simple man
He is quick to anger
6. Sometimes Winona never wants to see Raylan again, sometimes she wants to run away with him to...
Costa Rica
Buenos Aires
7. According to Tim, two Marshals should be enough to transport...
The Hulk
King Kong
8. What is the surname of the guard that got Jamie pregnant?
9. How much did Timmins tell Cosgrove that they could get by selling a "healthy white baby" to rich people?
10. What is the name that snipers give to the part of the brain near the medulla oblongata that, if hit, kills without any sort of nervous reaction?
The Apple
The Apricot
The Aubergine
The Tangerine

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