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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S03E06: Indianapolis
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1. The poster for Charles Mulligan's Steak House, the best damn steak house in the damn state, features a/n:
American flag
Steak, of course
2. Ron displays his album of steaks he's eaten at Mulligans. "January, 2000: They call this one:"
The Lumberjack
The Knuckle Sandwich
The Enforcer
The Ex-wife
3. Andy wants to treat April like a queen. According to Andy, what is one of the things that a queen deserves?
Premium sex tapes
Minty toothpaste
A bedroom full of unicorns
Treasure chests full of scarves
4. If Ben goes to the Snakehole with Tom, he'll miss a screening of which film at the hotel he's staying at?
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Gas Food Lodging
Kangaroo Jack
Hope Floats
5. This is one of the items that Leslie found at Chris's that led her to believe that he was cheating on her:
Cosmo magazine
Sewing kit
Panty hose
Swimming cap
6. Which is not one of the fragrances that Dennis Feinstein has created?
7. What is Dennis Feinstein's real name?
Enrique Texieria
Dante Fiero
Perrie LaMonde
Eduardo Carrochio
8. When they meet, a suspicious Dennis Feinstein asks Tom if he is from:
Homeland Security
9. Dennis Feinstein uses a combination of these terms to describe Tommy Fresh:
Urine / carnival
Chinese food / birdcage
Bananas / car seat
Sauerkraut / monkey house
10. April pilfers beer from the bar as introducing herself as ______ Snakehole, daughter of the owner:
11. Recounting her many breakups to Ann, Leslie states that __________ isn't always positive
A singing telegram
Shower sex
A marquee billboard
12. The episode ends with Ben:
Running fast
Doubled over
Sucking his thumb
Flagging down an ambulance

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