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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S03E07: Harvest Festival
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1. Li'l Sebastian! Li'l Sebastian! Such is the appeal of this creature that 1) Ron totally geeked out over seeing him, and 2) Sebastian was the _______ most popular name of girls in Pawnee following his last appearance at the Harvest Festival.
2. ...oh, and Li'l Sebastian has an honorary degree from:
University of Colorado
Penn State
Bryn Mawr
Notre Dame
3. Which of the following was not true about the Battle of Indian Hill?
It took place in 1983
The Wamapoke chief was shot 102 times
It lasted for 7 days
The Wamapoke didn't have any weapons
4. Leslie compares Joan Callamezzo to this creature, whose name Andy claims for a future moniker for his band:
Bloodhound barracuda
Mean-minded laser snake
Blood-thirsty hawk
Eagle-eyed tiger
5. Which of the following has Ann Perkins not done in the wake of her breakup with Chris?
Bought $700 worth of candles
Spent 14 hours rating people on
Looked at dog-adoption websites
*This* to her hair
6. Andy/April hit a rough patch.
She says, "Hey, I love you."
He says, "Dude, shut up! That is:"
Totally wigged out!
Just Eagle-eyed tiger!
Awesome sauce!
The bee's knees!
7. In Leslie's clarification to the press, she states that at no time was a Parks Department employee feasting on:
Zombie flesh
Petting zoo animals
Young children
Rotting corpses of the Womapoke
8. Who was not on the Ferris wheel when it lost power?
9. Ron reveals that when Li'l Sebastian went missing, Jerry was shotgunning:
Funnel cakes
Fried twinkies
Blueberry volcanoes
10. Ann is really awesome to look at...most carnival nurses are total:
11. "A Native American tribe making a deal with the government....."
This cannot possibly end well
I think I've heard this one before
This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship
What could go wrong?
12. Subtitles reveal that Ken Hotate said this to Ben as he threw dust at him to remove the curse:
Here, dummy
It's a horse, not a pony
My tires need rotating
Live long and prosper

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