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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E13: Bloody Harlan
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1. Everybody makes mistakes. Boyd's was going after the pot money, Dickie's was telling him what was in his mind, but what was Mags'?
Not killing him when she had the chance
Thinking she had the measure of Boyd
Trusting Dickie not to make a mistake of his own
Letting Loretta get away from her
2. What reason is given for why Loretta doesn't go to Sunday school with the rest of her new family?
She's been having nightmares
She has sprained her ankle
She just doesn't feel like it
She has a head cold
3. What possible career does Raylan say he could go into if he quit the Marshals?
Rodeo clown
Bounty Hunter
Ice Cream seller
Professional choreographer
4. Where does the parlay between Boyd and the Bennetts take place?
A Church
Mags' shop
Ava's house
A courthouse
5. How do the two men sent to kill Johnny Crowder meet their untimely end?
Shotgun blast to the face
Knife to the guts
Bad sandwich
Exploding house
6. Loretta leaves her home with a gun and how much money?
About $200
About $300
About $400
About $500
7. After Dickie knocks him out, Raylan wakes up dangling from a tree next to the carcass of a...
8. How many steps does a person take in a day, according to the article that Dickie read?
9. Who saves Raylan from Dickie?
Trick question! He saves himself
10. Which member of the Bennett clan is left alive by the end of the episode?
All of them

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