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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S03E09: Fancy Party
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1. "Plus, it's always fun to see Tom faint." Ron rendered Tom unconscious and cleared an entire conference room full of staff people by:
Piercing his own ear
Pulling his own tooth
Pulling out his own fingernail
Setting his own broken finger
2. The dinner party combines two of Andy and April's favorite things, dinner and parties - like, if you could have a:
Guitar Hero puppy
Petyton Manning ice cream cone
Boomerang shark
X-Box pancake
3. April and Andy ask the office staff to come to their dinner party, and to bring each of the following except for:
Cooked steak
Something to drink and something to drink out of
4. "So, not only does this thing exist, but now you've deprived everyone of:"
An excuse to leave
5. What were April and Andy doing when they thought up getting married?
At the laundromat
Stuck in traffic
Sneaking out of a movie they snuck into
Hanging out
6. Donna mocks Ann's flirting skills at the singles party, going as far as to ask Ann if she's ________ from the movie ________.
Tootsie / Tootsie
Little Miss Sunshine / Little Miss Sunshine
Girl, Interrupted / Girl, Interrupted
Nell / Nell
7. Who was the first person that Andy promised the position of Best Man to?
8. What is April's middle name?
9. Ben's _________ is older than Andy and April's relationship
Jar of mayonnaise
Unwatched copy of the GI Joe movie
Brita filter
10. What did Andy wear to the wedding?
A tuxedo silk-screen T-shirt
His Reggie Wayne jersey
An apron
A vest and a bow-tie, but no shirt
11. Which of the following is not someone/something that Andy says he's willing to fight for April during his vows?
Her mom
A bear
An ultimate fighter
Ron Swanson
12. What is released when April and Andy kiss?
A dead pigeon
A duck
A rat
The contents of a fire extinguisher
13. What is the key to burning an ex-wife effigy?
Douse it in kerosene
Dip it in paraffin wax
Coat it with the blood of all the souls she has crushed
14. Jean Ralphio advises that Tom use a quote from this movie in his speech:
Fred Claus
Live Free or Die Hard
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
American Psycho
15. Where did Andy and April honeymoon?
A monster truck rally
A MouseRat convention
Lake Michigan
Niagra Falls

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