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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E06: Blaze of Glory
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1. For what reason did Gary use his and Winona's house for collateral?
To bet on a boxing match
To invest in an Internet start-up company
To buy a horse
So he could swim in a lake of coins, Scrooge McDuck-style
2. Winona says that she spent how long NOT thinking about Raylan when she was on her own?
Two or three minutes
Three or four minutes
Four or five minutes
Five or six minutes
3. When Winona is talking to Raylan about their possible future together, she makes reference to which earlier episode?
The Life Inside
The I of the Storm
By way of explanation.....
By way of explanation: Winona starts talking about her and Raylan starting a family when she remembers him telling her about "the pregnant fugitive", a character he encountered in The Life Inside
4. What is the name of the agent who has the keys to The Cage in the Evidence Room?
5. What is the number of the lock box which Winona opens, in turn finding the box full of money?
6. Art won't let Raylan be the first man in when they go after the bank robbers, but he will let him go along to make sure that the guy who kicked Winona...
Bangs his head on the car door
Falls down some stairs
Resists arrest
Is uncooperative
7. When talking to Frank over video chat, Art reveals that he was one of the Marshals who was chasing Frank when he was robbing banks 30 years before. He says that he missed Frank by an hour one time at a...
Whorehouse in Dallas
Motel in Orlando
Flophouse in Memphis
Trailer park in St. Louis
8. What is the name of the third member of the team of bank robbers, the one who kicked Winona?
Carter Lays
Carter Maze
Carter Bays
Carter Hayes
9. What is the name of the computer programme that Frank used to re-learn how to fly a plane?
Diddy Kong Racing
10. During their sweetly pathetic standoff, Art references the end of which classic 70s movie when trying to talk Frank out of running?
The Godfather
Star Wars
The French Connection

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