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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E01: The Moonshine War
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1. Boyd wouldn't call killing Pilar an execution, more like...
2. Raylan's old boss compares him to which ailment that he had in his youth?
An infection
A boil
A rash
A wart
3. What relation is Pilar to Gio (the man Raylan visits in Miami)?
4. When questioned by Art as to why he took Boyd with him as back-up to Bo's cabin, what was Raylan's response?
Boyd had a truck they could use
It made sense at the time
They're friends
He was the only person left who hadn't been shot yet
5. What gun does Art suggest Raylan upgrade to after he has to send his off to be examined?
Rocket Launcher
6. What is the correct name of the sex offender that Raylan and Rachel are sent to track down?
Jimmy Dean Earl
Dean James Earl
Earl Dean James
Jimmy Earl Dean
7. What is the connection between M.C. Gainey, who portrayed Bo Crowder, and Jeremy Davies, who portrays Dickie Bennett?
Both appeared in Ravenous
Both appeared in Saving Private Ryan
Both appeared on Lost
Trick question! They have both appeared on Justified
By way of explanation.....
By way of explanation; M.C. Gainey played Tom Friendly on Lost, whilst Jeremy Davies played Daniel Faraday
8. What piece of scientific musing does the surprisingly well-educated deputy offer to Raylan as they discuss the Crowders?
I bet their house is nice and explode-y.
Facts are not science as the dictionary is not literature
Men love to wonder, and that is the seed of science
Nature abhors a vacuum
9. The two Bennett brothers go to visit Walt, Loretta's dad, to dissuade him from planting on their land. One of them is named Dickie, but what's the other called?
10. What reason does Raylan give for soaking Jimmy in gasoline and talking to him, rather than shooting him?
He didn't have a gun to hand
He was afraid Loretta would get hurt in the firefight
To avoid the paperwork
He'd just watched Reservoir Dogs for the fiftieth time and it was playing on his mind
11. After poisoning Walt, Mags Bennett says the name of his wife, and that he will get to see her again. What was her name?
12. How was Winona's work?

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