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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S03E11: Jerry's Painting
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1. Ben had to move out of the hotel in which he stayed because of the recent addition of:
A camera mounted in the bathroom
2. April rattles off a list of rules Ben must follow if he is to move in with her and Andy. Which of the following is not one of them?
He can't use the front door
He must make them waffles on demand
No personal phone conversations
He must wear mascara when watching sad movies
3. The name of the mythological figure on whom Jerry based his painting is:
4. April and Andy fry these to test their smoke alarm (it doesn't work):
Mouse traps
Plastic silverware
5. In Jerry's painting, centaur-Leslie slays this creature:
A wolf
A fat baby angel
A stag
An alligator
6. Tom complains that his depiction in the painting ruins the ________ vibe he's trying to cultivate.
Will Smith
7. Ben is alarmed to find Andy and April eating a breakfast of ________ off a _______:
Mustard from mustard packets / DVD cover
Turkey chili / frisbee
Cold hot dogs / hubcap
Coffee-Mate / toilet tank cover
8. Andy and April use this for laundry detergent:
Bubble bath
Dishwasher detergent
A bar of soap
9. According to the caption that appears on Perd Hapley's show, this is the correct spelling of the porn star who Perd interviews with Leslie:
Brandi Maxx
Brandee Maxxx
Brandee Maxxxxxx
Brandi Maxxxx
10. What are kept in the freezer?
A fire extinguisher
Loose change
11. Tom wants the record of the Public Arts Commission meeting to reflect that he looks not like a fat baby, but rather like actor:
Jaden Smith
Taye Diggs
Denzel Washington
LL Cool J
12. The Public Arts Commission declares that the painting must be destroyed, on the grounds that it contains:
Suggestions of bestiality
A cross
Unlicensed weapons
13. Andy and April are distracted by the ________ aisle in Bed Bath and Beyond:
Body by Jake
Popcorn and salsa
As Seen on TV
Gumball and gumball machine
14. Leslie takes the painting to Andy and April's, where Ben sneaks a peek at the painting while Leslie:
Shoots foam pellets from a gun
Kills bedbugs
Talks to Chris on the phone
Replaces the smoke detector
15. Chris is mad that Leslie took the painting. He knows this, because:
He has a headache for the first time in his life
His heart is racing at 45 bpm
No no longer thinks that she is literally his favorite person ever
He feels like throwing up, like he did when he had the flu

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