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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E05: Cottonmouth
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1. The incarcerated Dewey Crowe is summoned to Medical by Raylan on the pretense that he is suffering from:
Swine flu
A subdermal hematoma
2. Early in the episode, we see an encounter between Coover and Loretta. The latter scolds the former for:
Lookin' at her funny
Constantly making poor life choices
Not wiping his feet before he comes into the store
Not leaving money for what he takes from the store
3. Arlo pays a visit to hand over (what remains of) the money entrusted to him by the Marshal's office. Of the $20,000, how much is Arlo short?
4. Who identifies Winston Baines to Raylan as the person most likely forging Walt McCready's benefits checks?
Trooper Tom Bergen
Doyle Bennett
5. "He's a steady hand with the .44 that he keeps right underneath that desk." What is the name of the man inside the mine office who is to be killed according to Kyle's plan for the heist?
6. In a genius maneuver, Boyd eavesdrops on Kyle's plans to do him in while he pretends to take a phone call from:
His dead brother Bowman
7. Boyd sabotages the detonator battery by _________ so Kyle proposes that they pick up a replacement from _________.
Freezing it / the Bennetts
Dunking it in the sink / Radio Shack
Demagnetizing it / Army surplus
Frying it / the auto shop
8. When he's not trafficking in forged checks or assaulting federal marshals, Winston operates a church and an establishment dealing with:
ATV rentals
Shooting range
9. The altercation between Raylan and Winston ends with the latter getting a taser to:
The throat
The gut
The mouth
The nuts
10. The note that Boyd leaves for Ava instructs her to call a number at exactly what time?
11. Knowing she is on the verge of losing her house, Boyd gives Ava some of the heist money. Boyd estimates the amount as upwards of:
12. Mags is rather upset that Dickey and Coover have gone behind her back in cashing the McCready checks, and drives this point home as she mashes Coover's non-shooting hand with:
A ball peen hammer
A maul
A hatchet
An axe handle
13. When Raylan calls on Loretta at the end of the episode, she is:
Minding Mags' store
Sitting on the hood of a car
Walking along a highway
At a truck stop diner

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