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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E03: The I Of The Storm
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1. What was the name of the young woman who propositioned Dewey Crow at the bar?
2. What is the name of the guitarist that Raylan and Winona are going to see perform live 50 miles outside of Lexington?
Dave Allen
Alan Jones
Steve Jones
Steve Jobs
3. Tim sure can shoot, but which of these does NOT appear on the list of things he cannot do that he gives to Art?
Can't carry a tune
Can't shoot a basketball
His handwriting is illegible
He never learned to square dance
4. Who does Raylan initially think hijacked the Oxy bus?
5. According to his workmate, Kyle, Boyd is...
A tough dog to tame
A tough nut to crack
A tough hog to tie
A tough steer to brand
6. What is the name of the bar Boyd stops at before his night shifts?
7. As Dewey learns to his chagrin, you can't buy a mask in America anymore, so he instead goes for...
A paper bag
A beanie
A Zorro costume
A cowboy hat
8. In the words of Dewey, where are them pills at?
The refrigerator
The oven
The TV
The microwave
9. Who actually did order the hijacking of the bus?
10. Who owned the bus and doesn't scare Dickie (at least, not as much as his mother does)?
The boys from Frankfurt
The boys from France
The boys from Franklin
The boys from Frampton

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