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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E08: The Spoil
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1. What is the name of the man that Dickie and Coover are trying to menace at the start of the episode, only to be shooed away by Boyd?
2. Where is Raylan when Art tells him he is going to be part of Carol Johnson's security detail?
In a shooting range
In a batting cage
In a bar
In a gym
3. What reason do the cops give for pulling Boyd over?
No license plates
He was driving a stolen vehicle
They didn't think he was wearing his seatbelt
A busted tail light
4. Whilst Carol and Raylan are making their ill-advised visit to the Bennetts, Dickie and Coover come in. Dickie starts playing with a baseball bat, whilst Coover picks up what confectionery item?
A caramel apple
A lollipop
Some cotton candy
A Three Musketeers bar
5. We finally learned some Bennett-Givens history this week. When does Raylan say the feud between the families started?
During the Civil War
During Reconstruction
During Prohibition
The '60s
6. Another question about Bennett-Givens history; how did Dickie get his limp?
Raylan fouled him in a football game
Raylan beat him up over a woman
Raylan ran him over in a car
Raylan beat him with a baseball bat
7. Other than Carol Johnson, which three characters give speeches at the town meeting?
Raylan, Boyd and Mags
Raylan, Mags and Dickie
Raylan, Boyd and Reggie
Raylan, Doyle and Mags
8. At the end of her speech, Mags Bennett invites everyone attending the meeting to "a big old..."
9. We didn't find out what was in Coover's bag, but we did find out that it was called...
10. Right before bullets start flying, Helen makes Raylan an offer. She'll give him the rest of the money Arlo stole if he...
Kills Mags Bennett
Leaves Harlan County
Helps Arlo to leave Harlan County
Invests it in a high-yield account

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