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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E07: Save My Love
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1. How does Winona know that the 100 dollar bill she took is not among the ones that Raylan gave her?
The one she took had a tear down the middle
The one she took was missing a corner
The one she took had been written on
The one she took was actually a 20
2. Duffy says that his history with Gary lead to him getting shot, losing seven pints of blood and how many inches of intestine?
3. When Boyd meets Carol Johnson, she reveals that the name of the mining company he was working for is...
Black Pint
Black Port
Black Peak
Black Pike
4. Which day is Raylan's day to get coffee for the team?
5. What is the name of the case that Winona is working alongside Judge Reardon (Stephen Root)?
6. Why did Judge Reardon call for Raylan?
To confront him about the stolen money
To ask him to act as a bodyguard
To check his courtroom for any explosives
To ask his advice on where to buy a high quality cowboy hat
7. Rachel reveals that the money Winona took from evidence was originally from a bank robbery which took place in what year?
8. Weaver, in order to illustrate the way in which court orders can just slip through the cracks, says that he has a box of what just sitting down in evidence?
Counterfeit Beanie Babies
Counterfeit Cabbage Patch Dolls
Counterfeit Furbys
Counterfeit jeans
9. What does Tim suggest they should do with 210,000 dollars in forgotten money?
Run off to Mexico and record an album of Simon and Garfunkel covers
Run off to Mexico and buy a boat
Run off to Mexico and open a bar
Run off to Mexico and start a cult
10. What does Carol Johnson tell Boyd he will have to do as part of his new security role?
"Deal with" Raylan
"Deal with" the Bennetts
"Deal with" Judge Reardon
"Deal with" Winona

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