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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation, S03E08: Camping
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1. "That was _________ most awkward way a man has ever grabbed my breast."
Nowhere near
The second
Only the eighth
2. Returning to Pawnee to fill in for the City Manager, Chris greets the Parks and Rec staff, comparing them to:
Aromatherapy orthortics
The middle third of a 15-mile run
Hydration packs
Hemoglobin injections
3. Ann Perkins meets Chris in the hallway. Awwwwk-ward! A somewhat witty condiment-based exchange goes horribly awry when Ann makes a pathetic reference to:
Tartar sauce
Barbecue sauce
4. Tom has procured all the comforts of home for his camping tent ("Thunderdome!") from:
Sharper Image
FAO Schwartz
5. Andy displays a lavish, romantic campsite he prepared for April (which he'll soon have to pick up and relocate several miles) - it includes each of the following, except for:
Either doves or pigeons, he's not sure which
Rose petals
6. Ron suggests that they proceeds from the Harvest Festival be redistributed back to the residents of Pawnee, which would amount to how much per household (before postage)?
7. Unable to come up with a new idea, Leslie consults her dream journal, which reveals that she married which sitcom character?
Sam Malone
Theo Huxtable
8. Leslie and Ben take in the lovely sunset, which unfortunately is augmented by:
The tire fire that Greg Pikitis started
Pollution from the Sweetums factory
A toxic combination of sulphur and methane that Pawnee uses for dandelion control
A forest fire sweeping toward them
9. Tom either watches, attempts to watch, or Tivos each of the following shows while camping, except for:
Cupcake Wars
NCIS Los Angeles
Real Housewives of New Jersey
Top Chef
10. "What the f@&# is a _________ muffin?"
Black Sea
11. Feeling bad for herself, Leslie plays this song by, like her, a one-hit wonder:
Tarzan Boy by Baltimora
Macarena by Los Del Rio
Steal My Sunshine by Len
Bitch by Meredith Brooks
12. Shortly before she falls dead, which duo (one in bliss, one in anguish) take in the harpsichord stylings of Elsa?
Tom and Jerry
Ben and Jerry
Ron and Donna
April and Andy

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