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How Well Do You Know: Parks and Recreation S03E03: Time Capsule
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1. Jerry's good idea to include his mother's diaries in the time capsule is negated by the fact that they reveal that he played this role in a play:
Mary Poppins
Madame Bovary
2. Pawnee has had a lot of mottoes. Which of the following is not one of them which Leslie lists?
Pawnee: Welcome, German soldiers
Pawnee: Cholera-Free Since '93
Pawnee: It's Safe to Be Here Now
Pawnee: First in Friendship, Fourth in Obesity
3. When Leslie meets the person who wants to include Twilight in the time capsule, she states" I thought that you'd be _________ and ________:
Younger / a girl
In prison / a raving psychopath
In braces / pimple-faced
Adorable / wearing pajamas with feet
4. Andy is confused as to who his boss is. He learns during the episode that this person, at least, is not his boss:
5. Ron, after Kelly has cuffed himself in Leslie's office: "I'll take care of this trespasser. Give me 30 seconds." What is Ron holding?
A hacksaw
A sawed-off shotgun
A blowtorch
Nothing, he's just making a fist
6. Donna: "I love any book about vampires, werewolves, monsters, zombies, sorcerers, beasties or:"
Time-traveling romances
Wayward, forlorn robots
7. Chris challenges Andy to figure out what is great about himself. According to Andy, the list is, in its entirety:
He has a cool beard and loves the Colts
He is nice and he is in a band
He eats well and thinks dogs rule
He's not over-ambitious and he sets reasonable goals for himself
8. Kelly is trying to impress with this quest to include Twilight in the time capsule?
His daughter
His ex-wife
Twilight author Stephenie Meyer
9. Andy and Eduardo bond over their appreciation of this band:
Dave Matthews Band
Led Zeppelin
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Fallout Boy
10. Marsha Langman from the Society from Family Stability Foundation objects to the inclusion of Twilight in the time capsule, based on the amount of ________ in the book:
Unrequited longing
11. Lucy appears (without mustache or stink-lines, it should be noted) to meet briefly with Tom. Lucy lists which of the following among Tom's attributes:
He can still order off the kid's menu
He's small enough to throw around
He has a spotless credit history
He's very obedient
12. At the town forum, during which at least seven different time capsules are proposed, the inclusion of each of the following is debated for inclusion, with the exception of:
Baseball cards
Pet paintings/ashes
Unicorn skeletons
The Bill of Rights
13. Jerry had one job to do during the public forum about the time capsule - and he screwed it up. What was Jerry's one job?
To take attendance
To run the video camera
To provide refreshments
To sit quietly and not screw anything up

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