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How Well Do You Know: Justified, S02E04: For Blood or Money
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1. What does Raylan bring Mags when he shows up uninvited (but not unwelcome) at the Bennetts' Sunday dinner?
Apple cider
Apple pie
Apple juice
Apple Schnapps
2. What is the motto on the Eastern Kentucky Official Marshals coin?
Justice is near
Justice is here
Justice is impending
Justice is coming
3. According to Mags, how long has it been since Dickie "walked right"?
20 years
21 years
22 years
23 years
4. What W. Somerset Maugham novel is Boyd reading when Ava comes up to see him?
The Painted Veil
The Razor's Edge
Of Human Bondage
The Moon and Sixpence
5. If Boyd had long hair, then he might have been...
The lead singer in a rock band
A movie star
A wrestler
A hairdresser
6. What did Clinton use to bludgeon his program manager after he revoked his day pass?
A stapler
A laptop
A phone
A pad of paper
7. What's the name of Clinton's son?
8. Where does Clinton shoot Flex when stealing his car?
His left hand
His right hand
His shoulder
His neck
9. How did Clinton kill Rachel's sister?
Shot her
Strangled her
Accidental overdose
Car crash
10. What is the name of Clinton's program manager?

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