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2010-11 TV Season, The: 6/1/11 49.96%[12.49/25]        Comments
You may know The Event from The Cape and Happy Endings from Mad Love...
Amazing Race 17 Recap, The: 12/13/10 78.43%[27.45/35]        Comments
Season 17 included a couple of firsts, more than a handful of costly time penalties and possibly the most hyper contestant ever (Hello, Brook!) and the most negative contestant in the show's history (Hi, Nick!).
Amazing Race, Season 18 Recap Part 1, The: 5/5/11 84.36%[21.09/25]        Comments
For season 18, the Race is Amazing and the Business is Unfinished. Eleven previous race teams were brought back to redeem themselves or finally capture first place.
Amazing Race, Season 18 Recap Part 2, The: 5/9/11 88.76%[22.19/25]        Comments
With the finish line crossed, there are no more passports to be stamped, taxis to be hailed (and subsequently cursed) or foreign countries to embarrass themselves in.
America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 Recap 5/19/11 75.10%[21.78/29]        Comments
Mud, spurned fans, fire and camels all played prominently in the fortunes of the contestants.
America's Next Top Model, Cycle 15 Recap 12/2/10 73.72%[18.43/25]        Comments
The winner, eventually to appear on the cover of Italian Vogue, was one of the more unusual champions in the show's run.
Big Bang Theory Season Four Quiz, The: 10/20/11 70.00%[21.00/30]        Comments
Sheldon, Penny, Raj and Howard are back in the fourth season of The Big Bang Theory. Hilarity, we assume, ensues....
Bones: Season 6 Part 1 1/18/11 64.40%[16.10/25]        Comments
The sixth season picks up with our Squints (and Booth) flung all across the world, thanks to various life choices. Of course, they are reunited and the season (so far) offered up a new love for Booth and more!
Castle: Season 3, Part 1 1/23/11 74.10%[14.82/20]        Comments
Do you know what happens next? How well do you know Castle: Season 3?
Community, Season 2 Recap 5/17/11 88.36%[24.74/28]        Comments
Season 2 features a zombie-filled Halloween episode, a self-aware "bottle" episode, an Apollo 13 riff, a claymation Christmas show, and a two-part paintball finale.
Fringe, Season 3 Recap 5/12/11 63.96%[17.91/28]        Comments
While the first two seasons had their ups and downs, the third season--which began with Olivia Dunham stranded in a parallel universe where the Fringe Division is commonplace--is the best season of the show, even though it wasn't perfect.
Game of Thrones, S01E01: Winter Is Coming 7/22/13 85.20%[17.04/20]        Comments
Behold the episode that started the phenomenon. In the pilot for Game of Thrones, Tyrion had super-blonde hair, Khaleesi was just the weak twin sister and nobody hated Catelyn yet. Behold how much has changed while proving how much you remember about the first episode of the biggest pop culture phenomenon of the 2000s.
Game of Thrones, Season 1 Recap 3/27/12 82.28%[20.57/25]        Comments
The series feature intrigue, betrayals, nudity and beheadings....oh, so many beheadings.
Glee, Season 2 Part 1 12/8/10 73.40%[18.35/25]        Comments
From Rocky Horror to Britney Spears, the show continued to visit all corners of the pop culture map.
Glee, Season 2 Part 2 5/24/11 81.90%[24.57/30]        Comments
The second half of Glee's second season followed New Directions' lumbering journey through Regionals and toward Nationals.
Glee: Music from Season 2 8/23/11 68.40%[17.10/25]        Comments
You may know the importance of arriving at Nationals with a set list firmly in hand and well rehearsed, but how well do you know Glee: Music from Season 2?
Happy Endings, Season 1 Recap 8/25/11 78.70%[21.25/27]        Comments
A wedding gone horribly wrong introduces TV audiences to a great cast of characters in Season 1 of ABC's Happy Endings.
Hawaii Five-O: Season 1 Part 1 1/3/11 75.00%[18.75/25]        Comments
The resurrection of a classic TV show finally succeeded with the reintroduction to Hawaii Five-0, as well as giving Alex O'Laughlin a hit.
Hellcats, Season 1 Part 1 12/2/10 72.08%[18.02/25]        Comments
Part insider's look at cheerleading, part legal drama, and with a hole lot of CW-flavored relationship-ness, Hellcats hit the airwaves in 2010.
Hellcats, Season 1 Part 2 5/18/11 72.60%[18.15/25]        Comments
The spring episodes of Hellcats' first - and, apparently, only - season dealt with sister issues, daddy issues and baby issues.
Justified, S02E01: The Moonshine War 2/11/11 65.25%[7.83/12]        Comments
You may know your poisoned moonshine from your apple pie, but how well do you know Justified, The Moonshine War?
Justified, S02E02: The Life Inside 2/18/11 70.00%[7.00/10]        Comments
Raylan has to transport a pregnant prisoner to the doctor, which does not exactly go according to plan, Boyd gets drunk, and Winona gets to hear about Raylan's day.
Justified, S02E03: The I Of The Storm 2/24/11 71.50%[7.15/10]        Comments
Dewey Crow reappears and decides to play dress-up and Boyd decides to have a little heart-to-heart-to-road with a new associate.
Justified, S02E04: For Blood or Money 3/4/11 66.60%[6.66/10]        Comments
You may wonder why you have the office where the deputies shoot people, but how well do you know Justified: For Blood or Money?
Justified, S02E05: Cottonmouth 3/10/11 85.69%[11.14/13]        Comments
Hurry up and leave that note on Ava's fridge, it's time to see how well you know Justified: Cottonmouth.
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