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No Country for Old Men 2/21/17 46.24%[11.56/25]        Comments
Flip a coin, and let's see if you're ready to prove how well you know No Country for Old Men.
Dirty Harry (version 2) 1/31/17 78.56%[19.64/25]        Comments
It's one of Eastwood's signature role, with one of filmdom's most recognizable quotes. Test your knowledge on the original Dirty Harry.
Great Mouse Detective, The: 7/6/16 64.50%[12.90/20]        Comments
It's one of the products of the period considered to be lesser-Disney, but 1986's The Great Mouse Detective still has its charms.
Enemy of the State 2/24/16 75.90%[22.77/30]        Comments
In the 80s, Rockwell sang he always felt like someone was watching him. In the late 90s, Tony Scott and Will Smith showed this to be true.
Angie Tribeca, Season 1 1/26/16 58.68%[14.67/25]        Comments
Featuring an outstanding cast and a never-ending string of inspired jokes, Angie Tribeca amused possibly dozens of people during its 25-hour marathon.
Sons of Anarchy, Season 7 Recap 12/10/14 74.18%[20.77/28]        Comments
The curtain finally fell on SAMCRO at the end of Sons of Anarchy's seventh and final season. See how well you know the final adventures of Chucky and Rat Boy, Chibs and Tig, Nero and Jax.
Clue 10/7/14 76.43%[22.93/30]        Comments
Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum and the other Clue characters came to life in this madcap 1980s film which featured various endings shown in different theaters.
Bone Collector, The: 9/30/14 78.85%[15.77/20]        Comments
It was the highly effective teaming of Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington. See how well you remember this late 90s crime thriller.
Fallen 9/9/14 68.00%[13.60/20]        Comments
Denzel Washington battles Evil From Beyond the Grave. John Goodman is along for the ride...that may be a good thing, or not.
Sons of Anarchy, Season 6 Recap 9/4/14 73.16%[18.29/25]        Comments
Most of your favorite (and least favorite) characters return for Sons of Anarchy's sixth season. That doesn't mean they'll live to see the season finale.
We're the Millers 7/29/14 85.50%[25.65/30]        Comments
Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston headline this surprise 2013 comedy about a makeshift family brought together to bring drugs into the United States.
Veronica Mars 6/19/14 80.10%[24.03/30]        Comments
Kristen Bell reprises her famous girl detective role in this cinematic rendering of the underappreciated television program.
Ride Along 5/27/14 80.96%[20.24/25]        Comments
Kevin Hart is at his hilarious best in Ride Along, playing the undisciplined, in-over-his-head loose wheel to Ice Cube's tough-as-nails cop.
Justified, Season 5 Recap 4/9/14 67.12%[16.78/25]        Comments
Wendy Crowe and Alison Brander complicate Raylan Givens' life, but that's nothing compared to the potential harm done to his relationship with his boss.
Harlem Nights 2/19/14 86.55%[17.31/20]        Comments
One of Eddie Murphy's last great comedies (?), this late 1980s crime comedy teams Murphy with the great Richard Pryor, the underappreciated Danny Aiello, the sublime Della Reese and.....Jasmine Guy.
RoboCop 2/11/14 83.60%[25.08/30]        Comments
Paul Verhoeven gave us a darkly comedic vision of the future, and Peter Weller did a great job animating a seemingly lifeless android in this crime blockbuster from the late 1980s.
Veronica Mars: S01E01: Pilot 1/22/14 74.96%[18.74/25]        Comments
A long time ago, we used to be friends. Head to the wayback machine, and see how well you remember the pilot of Veronica Mars.
Heat, The: 11/20/13 90.08%[22.52/25]        Comments
DeNiro and Pacino they are not, but McCarthy and Bullock know how to make a damn fine crime film of their own. Check your Spanx and test your IQ on The Heat.
Now You See Me 11/6/13 82.88%[20.72/25]        Comments
James Franco leads a mysterious band of magicians, while grizzled Mark Ruffalo is hot on their trail in this surprising recent thriller hit.
Machete 10/10/13 80.48%[20.12/25]        Comments
It's the kind of movie only Robert Rodriguez could make. Danny Trejo was born for the part of Machete. Before Machete Kills (and, eventually, Machete Kills Again), see how well you remember this movie.
Sopranos, S01E01: Pilot, The: 6/27/13 70.76%[17.69/25]        Comments
Shortly after the passing of James Gandolfini, we are revisiting the pilot of the seminal HBO series The Sopranos.
NCIS Season 10 Recap, Part 1 5/14/13 66.63%[15.99/24]        Comments
TV's most popular show barreled into its tenth season. See how well you remember this latest installment of NCIS, lest you earn yourself a smack upside the head.
Hudson Hawk 3/26/13 71.00%[21.30/30]        Comments
It's probably the Razzie winner for Worst Movie that has the biggest and most sustained cult following. Test your knowledge on this Bruce Willis underground classic.
Sons of Anarchy, Season 5 Recap 12/5/12 78.56%[19.64/25]        Comments
Sons of Anarchy's fifth installment introduces Nero and Damon Pope as major influence in Jax's rise to power. Test your knowledge on the show from Sovereign to J'ai Obtenu Cette.
Green Mile, The: 9/5/12 66.57%[19.97/30]        Comments
It was a perfect storm of being in the middle of Tom Hanks’ box office hot streak, an incredible, star-making turn by Michael Clarke Duncan and the story of death row guards learning humanity and witnessing miracles at the hands of a wrongly convicted man.
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