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How Well Do You Know: RoboCop
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Actually, #28, what's the last words spoken before Robocop shoots Dick Jones out the window? It's "Thank you" said by Robo after the old man tells Jones he's fired.
Xdegenerate 3/22/14 6:47 pm


1. If you've seen the film, like, at all, then you know the action takes place in the decaying, crime-ridden city known as:
2. Villainous Dick Jones is a bigwig at OCP, which is looking to contract with the city to manage the police department. OCP stands for:
Office of Consolidated Protection
Organization of Civilian Protection
Omni Consumer Products
Obligated Civic Protectorate
3. RoboCop is programmed with a number of prime directives. Acting in a matter contrary to which directive will cause him to shut down?
4. Which of the following is not one of RoboCop's prime directives?
Protect the innocent
Serve the public trust
Uphold the law
Preserve human live
5. OCP is looking to tear down dilapidated sections of the city and build a designer city called:
Tomorrow City
Shine City
Excel City
Delta City
6. We'll refer to this by name later, but Dick Jones introduces, to calamitous effect, a 24-hour a day police officer, which he sees as the "future of law enforcement." What is this robotic monstrosity that blows away a poor sucker during a meeting?
7. Dick Jones blames the bloody conference room death on a:
8. Murphy has a signature way of holstering his weapon. He tells his new partner Lewis that he learned it from:
A cop show his kid watched
His father, who was also a policeman
His former partner
Old western movies he saw at a museum
9. We first get an idea of what type of scum Clarence Boddicker is when, as Lewis and Murphy pursue him, he:
Attempts to intentionally run over an elderly woman
Throws one of his men out onto Murphy's car
He fires through one of his entourage, attempting hit Lewis
He uses his right-hand man as a human shield
10. Murphy and Lewis's pursuit of Boddicker and his gang lead to this location, where Murphy is eventually killed:
A riverside dock
A junkyard
A vacant construction site
An abandoned mill
11. You should probably not have started taking this quiz if you can't complete Murphy's signature line, "Dead of alive,....."
You've got a date with the law
You're comin' with me
I'm taking you down
It's your choice, pal
12. Before his gang finishes Murphy off, Boddicker blows off Murphy's:
13. During the sequence of scenes showing scientists working to bring RoboCop into building, we learn that the scientists were able to save this body part of Murphy, though Bob Morton orders them to "lose" it:
His brain
His leg
His eye
His arm
14. That same sequence of scenes shows RoboCop coming online as this holiday is being celebrated:
His birthday
Valentine's Day
New Year's
15. Through the film, we see bits of a balding man on a TV program. The man's catchphrase is: "I'd buy that....."
But you first
With a sandwich
Next Tuesday
For a dollar
16. RoboCop lives. The first crime that he thwarts is the robbery of this type of establishment:
A racetrack
A convenience store
A carwash
A check-cashing joint
17. Next, Robo stops an assault on a woman, as he shoots one of the assailants:
Through the victim's dress
In the eye
With a tricky richochet shot
With his back turned
18. And RoboCop uses juuuuust the right amount of force as he breaks up a hostage situation. What type of person is holding several others at gunpoint in a building?
Former city councilman
A professional athlete
A circus clown
A TV newsman
19. RoboCop dreams. What does he dream about, which rouses him from his induced sleep and sends him storming out of the building?
Being killed by Boddicker and his gang
His wife telling him something important
The day he became a police officer
The death of his son
20. RoboCop arrests Emil after Boddicker's henchman wreaks havoc on a:
Gas station
Police precinct
Movie theater
21. Slimy Bob Morton meets his doom immediately after:
Trying to track down RoboCop
Arranging for the police department to strike
Embezzling a large amount of money from OCP
Watching a video from Dick Jones
22. Immediately after RoboCop violates Directive 4, he:
Falls out of a top-story window
Falls down an elevator shaft
Fights ED-209
Is dismembered by explosives
23. RoboCop is able to elude ED-209, primarily because the latter:
Has very poor tracking
Attacks a group of policemen instead
Cannot negotiate stairs
Cannot swim
24. Murphy removes his helmet, and we see that this part of his head is metal and robotics:
The crown
The back half
Everything aside from his mouth
His forehead
25. Clarence shows off his new assault cannon, which he tests out destroying:
A new car belonging to one of his crew
A SWAT van
An ED-209
Dick Jones's house
26. Emil's end is set into motion when he drives his van into a considerable amount of:
Toxic waste
Slag at a steel mill
Raw sewage
Liquid nitrogen
27. Clarence Boddicker is finally killed through:
28. These are the last two words spoken before RoboCop blows away Dick Jones:
Get off
You're not
Get out
You're fired
29. Through the film, a number of people mention this highly sought-after car, which has spectacularly low gas mileage
6000 SUX
HUM 2099
3000 DIP
30. Did you catch this? Which of the real-life entertainment-news talking heads has a cameo as a television reporter throughout the film?
Deborah Norville
Mary Hart
Leeza Gibbons
Katie Couric

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