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How Well Do You Know: The Great Mouse Detective
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1. The film begins in 1897 at a toy shop. Mr. Flaversham, the owner, celebrates his daughter, Olivia's, birthday. He gives her a present. What is it? What is it?
A music box with Dumbo blowing bubbles
A wind-up ballerina toy
A spinning top
A Scrooge McDuck doll that sings the Mister Ed theme
2. We see the credits roll by and we see a list of voice actors playing their respected characters. Which A-list actor takes the main spotlight? In other words, who is the most famous actor in the film?
Boris Karloff
Laurence Olivier
Vincent Price
Tim Curry
3. In the first scene, we meet Dr. David Q. Dawson, who is on his way to play a part in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. What Asian country did Dawson come from before heading to London?
4. Later that night, we finally meet Basil of Baker Street, who's disguised as:
A French architect
A Spanish matador
A Chinese mugger
A Scottish pubgoer
5. "Amazing," how could Basil possibly know that Dawson was a military surgeon from Afghanistan?
The ancient Afghan scalpel found in his breast pocket.
Lembert stitching on his torn cuff using Afghan thread.
The Afghan bowtie and RN Medical Service cufflinks.
Dawson's medical shoes bought in Kabul.
6. How would you describe Mr. Flaversham's kidnapper, Professor Ratigan?
A bat
Has a crippled wing
Has a peg leg
All of the above
7. And how would you NOT describe Ratigan the kidnapper's boss?
The horror of my every-waking moment
The Napoleon of crime
A genius twisted for evil
The world's greatest rat
8. So, Ratigan has kidnapped Flaversham and exploited him to take over the Queen's throne during her Diamond Jubilee. Why does Ratigan need Flaversham?
To build a robot replica of the Queen
To disguise him as the Queen
To frame him for murdering the Queen
To stage a murder and frame the Queen
9. According to the song, The World's Greatest Criminal Mind," what crimes did Ratigan NOT commit before?
He stole riches from the Tower Bridge
He drowned orphans and widows
Murdered Prince Albert by plague
He capered the Big Ben
10. Meanwhile, Basil, Dawson, and Olivia trail the kidnapper's footsteps. But first, they need help from someone named Toby. Who is Toby?
Holmes's bassett hound
Watson's bloodhound
Queen Victoria's Alsatian (or German Shepherd)
Poirot's Ariegeois
11. Basil and the gang search for Fidget, the kidnapper, in a toy shop. Here, you will find a Disney Easter egg. Where can you find it?
Wind-up toy of the broomsticks from Fantasia
Scrooge McDuck plush doll
Baloo in a Jungle Book picture book
Dumbo as a bubble toy
12. Basil has Fidget's list and find clues about his whereabouts. What details aren't found about the list?
Written with a broad-pointed quill pen
Ratigan's cigarette ashes
Sewer coal dust
Gummed in alcohol
13. Basil then conducts an experiment mixing burnt ashes from the list and other various chemicals. The result of the experiment was quite fascinating. The mixture has changed into a rather common substance of:
Sodium Chloride (Salt)
Sucrose (Sugar)
Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)
Ethanol (Alcohol)
14. Like many Disney films, The Great Mouse Detective is a musical. How many songs, not including the reprises, are there in the film?
Just kidding, there are no songs.
15. Ratigan has already captured Dawson and Basil. He uses a device to kill them while he takes over Buckingham Palace. What items are NOT included in his "Mouse Trap?"
A Crossbow
A Record Player
A Wrecking Ball
An Anvil
16. During the mouse trap, Basil thinks of a plan to set him and Dawson free. He does this while mumbling out some science jargon. Name the term that's not mentioned.
The difference of equilibrium
Winslow's equation of friction over velocity
Square root of the isosceles triangle
Gutermeg's principle of opposing forces in motion
17. Fill in the blank: "You, Professor, are non other than a fowl ______ _______, commonly known as a SEWER RAT!!!"
Rotennius Rattus
Stinkus Sundamys
Odorus Papagomys
Stencius Rodencius
18. The main climax takes place at the Big Ben. Ratigan has revealed his true hate and rage toward Basil and is tearing his clothes with his sharp claws. What time does the clock show during the fight?
Three o'clock
Eight o'clock
Ten o'clock
Eleven o'clock
19. After the Flavershams say goodbye to Basil and Dawson, another mouse comes in to report a crime. What happened to her in which Basil deduces?
She lost her son in Croydon.
Thieves robbed 9,000 quid from her flat in Wimbledon.
She found her husband dead in Kensington.
She lost an emerald ring in Hampstead.
20. Now, like some of Disney films, The Great Mouse Detective was based on a series of books. Who wrote them?
Agatha Christie
Eve Titus
Arthur Conan Doyle
John Creasey

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