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How Well Do You Know: Veronica Mars: S01E01: Pilot
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1. Veronica introduces her hometown. "Neptune, California: a town without".....
A memory
A conscience
A middle class
A heart
2. Arriving at school Veronica finds soon-to-be-friend Wallace taped to the flagpole, stripped and with this word (though misspelled) painted on his chest:
3. Neptune High School's students are the:
4. We get a glimpse at Veronica in class, apparently asleep at her desk until a teacher calls on her. Veronica awakens to deliver a rather terse summary of which poem?
Pope's An Essay on Man
Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey
Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Shelley's Ozymandias
5. Veronica arrives at her locker in time for Vice Principal Clemmons' "random" locker search. Her locker is completely empty except for:
An empty flask
A heart-shaped photo of Vice Principal Clemmons
A treasure map
A sealed envelope labeled "My Confessions"
6. Veronica's arch-nemesis is, of course, Logan Echolls. She says this about Logan's movie-star father, Aaron:
He's working his way to the back of the Where-Are-They-Now file
You probably own his action figure
You only wish you were him
He could buy and sell you at least ten times over
7. Wallace works at this establishment, where he runs afoul of Weevil and his gang:
Best Mart
8. When we get our first glimpse at the Mars Investigations office, Veronica encounters this person emerging from Keith Mars' office:
Celeste Kane
Jake Kane
Don Lamb
Vice Principal Clemmons
9. Lawyer Cliff McCormack tells Veronica that his client Loretta Cancun knows some tawdry details about the operation of this, her place of business:
Landing Strip
Bottoms Up
Seventh Veil
10. It is implied in the pilot, and at other points during the series, that Neptune is located closest to this California city:
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
11. Jake Kane owns a mega-successful software company. According to Veronica, Kane Software invented and perfected:
File encryption
Streaming video
Wireless networks
3D graphics rendering
12. When Veronica encounters Duncan Kane at the site of his sister's murder, Duncan is:
Babbling incoherently
Covered in blood
13. Lily Kane's body was found:
In the laundry room
In the entertainment room
On the front lawn
By the pool
14. The person who initially confesses to Lily Kane's murder is Abel Koontz, who:
Worked as a landscaper at the Kane household
Was once Keith Mars' trusted deputy
Was a local TV weatherman
Was a former Kane Software employee
15. The investigation into the Lily Kane murder was sensationalized when someone in the sheriff's department:
Anonymously accused Keith Mars of the murder
Released interrogation audio
Leaked the murder video
Destroyed physical evidence
16. What is the name of the hotel where Veronica surveiled Jake Kane and a mystery woman?
17. Keith and Veronica's dog is named:
18. Veronica states that she lost her virginity after being roofied at a party thrown by:
Madison Sinclair
Meg Manning
Carrie Bishop
Shelly Pomeroy
19. The one item Veronica's mother leaves for her is a/n:
Music box
Empty photo frame
20. "I hate it when you say that." What does Keith say that Veronica hates?
That's right, daddy-o
Who's your daddy?
You're a red-hot mama
Get jiggy with it
21. Keith forbids Veronica from doing any other work on the Jake Kane case after he notices this on one of her photos:
A gun in Jake Kane's jacket
A woman's bracelet
A license plate
A shadowy figure lurking outside the hotel
22. The woman who mans the front desk at the sheriff's office is __________, who Veronica can impersonate on the phone:
23. Veronica attends a trial, when a video plays showing:
A sheriff's deputy roughing up Wallace
A sheriff's deputy escorting an escort out of a shady establishment
Don Lamb smoking dope
Don Lamb removing from evidence the drug paraphernalia confiscated from Logan's locker
24. In retaliation against Veronica, Logan does this to her car:
Slashes her tires
Breaks headlights
Puts a stop sign through the windshield
Tries to push it off a cliff
25. At the end of the episode, Veronica finds a photo she took while staking out Jake Kane:
In the trash
In the Lily Kane murder file
In a safe in Keith's office
In her locker at school

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