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How Well Do You Know: Enemy of the State
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1. Congressman Phil Hammersley is killed after:
Walking his dog
Reading a newspaper
Receiving a phone call
2. Hammersley is killed by:
Radio waves
A gunshot
A needle
An electric shot
3. Bobby Dean is this kind of lawyer:
Wills and estates
Personal injury
4. Bobby Dean is in possession of a video tape implicating Paulie Pintero. What does it show Pintero doing?
Meeting with mafia figures
Buying drugs
Executing a rival
Bribing a judge
5. Jon Voight plays the villainous Thomas Reynolds, who works for this government agency:
State Department
National Security Agency
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Department of Homeland Security
6. Daniel Zavitz, who recovers the video showing Hammersley's murder, is this type of photographer:
Nature photographer
Fashion photographer
Sports photographer
TV news photographer
7. Bobby Dean runs into Daniel Zavitz as he is shopping in a store for:
Kitchen accessories
8. What is the relationship of Dean and Zavitz?
They are brothers-in-law
They know each other from law school
They know each other from high school
They used to caddy together
9. Zavitz puts the disk containing a copy of the video into:
A toy robot
A mobile phone
A video game console
A toy car
10. Daniel Zavitz is killed when he is killed on a bicycle by a/n:
Police car
School bus
Fire truck
11. Reynolds' men first infiltrate Dean's house posing as:
A news crew
Utility workers
Religious solicitors
12. Reynolds' men break into the Dean house and vandalize it, going as far as to apply green spray paint to:
The dog
The bathtub
The blender
The computer
13. Things go downhill fast for Bobby as each of these happen in quick succession, except:
He is fired from his job
He is outed as a homosexual
He is thrown out of his house
His briefcase is stolen
14. Rachel tells Bobby that her drop location for Brill is:
Behind a church
On a ferry
At a newstand
Behind a payphone
15. Bobby and Rachel Banks are surveilled together as they meet:
In a parking garage
In a sports arena
On city streets
In a library
16. The fake Brill gains Bobby's trust when he finds a bug in Bobby's:
17. Soon after, the real Brill takes most of Bobby's bugged items off him in a hotel:
Boiler room
Laundry room
18. Bobby hides from Reynolds' men in a hotel room occupied by:
High school cheerleaders
An Asian couple
Young newlyweds
Professional football players
19. A/n ________ allows Bobby to elude Reynolds' goons at the hotel:
Bomb threat
Electrical outage
20. Bobby is smuggled out of his house by:
His housekeeper
His wife
His nanny
His mailman
21. Who is framed for Rachel Banks' murder?
Daniel Zavitz
22. Though Bobby and Brill have fled the city, the NSA is able to locate them because Bobby makes a phone call from outside a:
Convenience store
Gas station
Police station
Car wash
23. Brill refers to his secure location as:
A jar
A glove
A nutcracker
A silo
24. Fleeing from the destroyed building, Brill and Bobby lose Reynolds' men in:
A junkyard
A car impound lot
A ship yard
A train yard
25. In their first step to fight back against Reynolds, Bobby and Brill bug a congressman's:
Hotel room
26. Reynolds' wife notices that:
$140,000 has been deposited into her account
$140,000 has been withdrawn from her account
$140,000 in charges have been placed on her credit card account
$140,000 in cash has been left in her car
27. What is Brill's signal to Bobby to start recording when he meets with Reynolds?
Taking off his hat
Checking his watch
Coughing and sneezing
Putting gum in his mouth
28. During the meeting with Reynolds, Brill is dressed as:
A construction worker
A policeman
A priest
A doctor
29. The FBI sees Brill is bleeding when Bobby takes Reynolds to Pintero's, because Reynolds has shot Brill in:
The abdomen
The leg
The back
The hand
30. Brill's final message to Bobby, which appears on Bobby's TV screen, is:
They're Still Watching
Wish You Were Here
Told You So
Take Care of My Cat

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