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How Well Do You Know: Angie Tribeca, Season 1
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1. "Pilot": You should know that Angie Tribeca was co-created (and the pilot directed) by this recognizable name from The Office:
John Krasinski
Mindy Kaling
Rainn Wilson
Steve Carell
2. "Pilot": This phrase is thrown around - like, a lot - when the Lieutenant introduces Angie Tribeca to new partner Jay Geils:
For the record
Make no mistake
All due respect
Let it be known that
3. "Pilot": This car company's logo is displayed - like, a lot - during the premiere episode:
4. "The Wedding Planner Did It": Upon Geils' return to the precinct from hospitalization, everyone he comes across:
Pretends they can't hear him
Assaults him
Speaks Pig Latin to him
Sings to him
5. "The Wedding Planner Did It": Who was Tribeca's partner to whom she got engaged?
Captain Obvious
Major Catastrophe
Sergeant Pepper
Private Parts
6. "The Wedding Planner Did It": The wedding planner who did it nearly gets away when, at a reception, everyone starts to:
Do the YMCA
Do the Chicken Dance
Do the Electric Slide
Do the Limbo
7. "The Famous Ventriloquist Did It": As a boy, Geils had a ventriloquist dummy made by this company:
Gee Golly
Good Gravy
8. "The Famous Ventriloquist Did It": Dr. Scholls gives the precinct a uniquely disappointing bubble bath when she emerges from the tub:
As the lights go out
Very, very, very wrinkled
Already wearing a towel
Fully clothed
9. "The Thumb Affair": A famous painting of a thumb is stolen from the Olson-Medevoy Gallery (OMG) by someone masquerading as a statue of a:
10. "The Thumb Affair": Dr. Zaius tries many, many, many, many times to take down Angie's phone number with:
An Etch-a-Sketch
A feather pen
An abacus
Invisible ink
11. "The Thumb Affair": In his very, very, very, very small apartment, Randy Zaius has a painting of this kind of animal with a light switch in its face:
12. "Commissioner Bigfish": Undercover in a bar, Angie finds herself on stage in front of a microphone, and sings a salacious song about:
Children's games
Weather conditions
Fruit salad
13. "Commissioner Bigfish": The name of the hotel that Tribeca and Geils see Commissioner Bigfish coming out of is the:
Quickie Inn
Salacious Suites
T&A Roadhouse
In and Out Motel
14. "Commissioner Bigfish": Fleeing Geils on foot in baby attire, Commissioner Bigfish runs into:
A nanny training facility
An orphanage
The delivery wing of a hospital
A library during story time
15. "Ferret Royale": Dr. Scholls displays some nifty sleight of hand, nabbing the valuable ferret from its cage, replacing it with:
A bowling ball
A box of Pop Tarts
A set of knives
A ferret-shaped brick
16. "Ferret Royale": Dr. Edelweiss does an ultrasound on the ferret's stomach and finds, among other things,
An apple core
A license plate
A quarter
A belt buckle
17. "Ferret Royale": the Lieutenant gets the money for the buy-in for a poker game from:
A swear jar
A piggy bank
A gumball machine
Inside his shoe
18. "Tribeca's Day Off": On this very special episode of Angie Tribeca, Angie and the squad have infiltrated a:
Bar Mitzvah
19. "Tribeca's Day Off": Vic Deacons manages this department in the grocery store:
Elite Breakfast Cereals
Franks and Beans
Paper on Rolls
Pond-based Seafood
20. "Murder in the First Class": Flight attendant Vivian Tribeca is what relation to Angie?
Former fiance
Second cousin once removed
No relation
21. "Murder in the First Class": From testing feathers found in the dead guy's lungs, Dr. Edelweiss determines that the killer is a/n:
Feather manufacturer
Dog lover
22. "Inside Man": The Lieutenant: Damn it, that's five banks this month! And public distrust of ___________ is at an all-time high!
Professional bowlers
Chimney sweeps
23. "Inside Man": The British gang includes a member who gets around:
On a pogo stick
By cartwheeling
On a hoverboard
On stilts
24. "The One with the Bomb": Angie is having trouble at the precinct shooting range, which is filled with:
Shooting gallery-style deer and bunnies
Arcade-style asteroids
25. "The One with the Bomb": Wilson Phillips, the man who kidnaps Geils, has this profession:
Gym teacher
Stick-figure artist

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