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How Well Do You Know: Now You See Me
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1. When we first see Horseman-to-be Daniel Atlas, he amazes a street crowd by making the likeness of a selected playing card appear:
On a passing buss
On a billboard
On the side of a building
On an overhead cloud
2. The fetching Henley Reeves, meanwhile, dazzles an audience at the beginning of the film by surviving a very close encounter with:
3. Daniel, Henley, plus the other two Horsemen - Jack and Merrit - each receive a tarot card summoning them to meet. Which of the following is not one of the cards received?
4. Having met in an apparently empty apartment, the Horsemen use this object to activate a Rube Goldbergian-chain which results in the projection of a bank vault:
5. Onstage in Las Vegas, the Four Horsemen "randomly" select a man to be assist in their bank heist. The selection was made using:
Darts and balloons
Ping pong balls
Playing cards
6. The bank that was "robbed" during the act was said to have been in this city:
7. FBI agent Dylan Rhodes is none to be happy to be saddled with Alma Dray, who works for this organization, during the investigation of the Horsemen:
Homeland Security
8. Rhodes ends up handcuffed to the table after interrogating which of the Horsemen?
9. Dylan Rhodes meets with former magician Thaddeus Bradley, from whom he learns of the long-ago death of an illusionist named:
Cannery Blackwood
Lionel Shrike
Edgar Winterhouse
Raymond Caldwell
10. The illusionist in question died in a faulty safe which had been dropped:
From an airplane
Off a skyscraper
In front of an oncoming train
Into a river
11. Having won acclaim and headlines with their Las Vegas show, the Horsemen next perform in this city:
New Orleans
12. The Horsemen are able to infiltrate the financial accounts of their mentor Arthur Tressler by tricking him into revealing:
His childhood nickname
The name of his childhood pet
The street he grew up on
The last four digits of his Social Security number
13. Prior to the second show, this person visits Thaddeus Bradley and asks that he not expose the Horsemen:
Arthur Tressler
Dylan Rhodes
Alma May
Daniel Atlas
14. The legend of Lionel Shrike involves a playing card which was embedded in:
The cornerstone of a building
Concrete on a sidewalk
The base of a statue
A tree
15. During the New Orleans show, audience members use _______ to reveal their new bank balances:
Black light
Lemon juice
16. Rhodes is tackled as the Horsemen escape the stage in New Orleans, as this trigger word makes hypnotized audience members think they are football players:
17. The film mentions a secret society of magicians who rob the rich to give to the needy. What is the name of the society?
The Call
The Craft
The Heart
The Eye
18. As Rhodes and other law enforcement officials close in on the group in New York, the Horsemen flee their apartment but leave Jack behind. Why did Jack remain?
He had been kicked out of the group
He had to burn papers
He was to destroy the apartment
He knew he could hold Rhodes at bay
19. Jack Wilder apparently dies when his car explodes after:
Overturning on a bridge
Smashing into a tunnel wall
Plunging off a bridge
Ramming an armored car
20. Twice during the film, we see someone who has by hypnotized by the Horsemen pantomime this when a trigger word is spoken:
Strutting like a chicken
Playing the violin
Jumping rope
Being trapped in an invisible cube
21. Law enforcement officials open the safe which is thought to hold the real money, only to find it packed with:
Balloon animals
Paper flowers
Stuffed animals
22. The three remaining Horsemen end their brief show in New York City by jumping off a roof, at which point they appear to:
Burst into dollar bills
Burst into flame
Fly through the air
23. The last we see of this person in the film, s/he is locked in a jail cell:
Alma Dray
Thaddeus Bradley
Arthur Tressler
Jack Wilder
24. The last scene of the film takes place on a Parisian bridge, on which are affixed lots of:
25. So, someone in the film turns out to be a blood relation to the deceased Lionel Shrike. Who is it?
Thaddeus Bradley
Dylan Rhodes
Daniel Atlas
Alma Dray

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