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How Well Do You Know: Ride Along
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1. The movie opens is hardened Atlanta cop James Payton trying to infiltrate an operation trafficking:
Counterfeit money
2. The name of the faceless big bad in the film is:
3. At the beginning of the movie, Ben Barber is a security guard at:
A clothing store
A shopping mall
A high school
A movie theater
4. Ben has this, largely self-appointed, nickname:
Black Tornado
Black Hammer
Black Rhino
Black Fist
5. Complete Ben's line: "You're ______. You're ______. You don't fight!"
6. James first surprises Angela and Ben:
When they are waking up in their bedroom
When they are getting out of their car
When they are making out in their living room
When they are taking a shower together
7. It seems that James has a good reason not to trust Ben. Ben harmed James previously at a:
Car race
Football game
Water park
8. Ben frequently employs this kind of move:
Spin move
Karate move
Football move
Kick move
9. James asks dispatch to give him nuisance calls - "the more annoying the better" - when he takes Ben along with him. What is the code for these types of calls?
10. James responds to a loitering call. He sends Ben over to persuade the loiterers to leave. Who is loitering?
Rowdy teenaged girls
11. James works with an informant named:
12. Ben reveals at a gun store that he knows quite a bit about weapons, though his knowledge comes exclusively from:
Video games
Listening to James' stories
What he has found in high school lockers
Watching police shows on TV
13. To compel Ben to give up his pursuit, James arranges for Ben to try to apprehend one "Crazy Cody" who is acting all crazy at:
A laundromat
A car wash
A farmer's market
A movie theater
14. "Crazy Cody" is, in fact, a friend of James'. James _________ with Crazy Cody.
Plays poker
Runs a fantasy football league
Goes bowling
Grew up
15. Ben believes that a call to this type of establishment is another nuisance assignment, when it is actually a legitimately dangerous situation:
Race track
Strip club
Shoe store
16. While James is busy being double-crossed by his partners Santiago and Miggs, Ben is in the car texting Angela about:
Going to the zoo the next day
What they'll have for dinner that night
Going to a movie that night
Doing the laundry
17. The main criminal gang in the film is of this nationality:
18. Ben comes into the warehouse pretending to be Omar. His ruse is effective enough that he convinces one of the bad guys to:
Shoot one of the other criminals
Light a pack of money on fire
Give him a gun
Kiss his boots
19. Ben-as-Omar shoots one of the thugs when he questions:
His height
His race
How many people he has killed
His linguistic choices
20. This actor plays the *real* Omar:
Eddie Griffin
Ice T
Laurence Fishburne
Omar Epps
21. Ben is able to start a shootout among the villains when he claims:
The money changing hands is fake
The guns to change hands are replicas
Omar isn't the actual Omar - there's a third man who is actually Omar
The warehouse is about to be swarmed by Feds
22. During the shootout, Ben does the most damage with this type of weapon:
Flame thrower
Machine gun
Poisoned dart
23. In the shootout, who is shot, but doesn't realize it until after the fact?
Both Ben and James
24. James receives a call tipping off to the fact that Omar has kidnapped Angela from:
Migg's wife
A kid at Ben's school
Ben's gamer buddies
The gun shop owner
25. Angela prevents James from being shot by Santiago by pummeling him with:
A coat rack
A flat-screen TV
An iron
A frying pan

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