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How Well Do You Know: The Heat
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1. Played by Sandra Bullock, straight-laced and rather uptight Sarah Ashburn is attached to this law enforcement agency:
Homeland Security
Secret Service
2. During a bust early in the film, Ashburn proves her colleagues wrong by finding a large cache of guns in the _______ of a house:
Washing machine
3. Ashburn finds comfort in this item which she repeatedly borrows from a neighbor:
4. Melissa McCarthy's Shannon Mullins busts a man for soliciting prostitution, and then takes the unusual step of:
Calling the man's wife
Forcing the man to French kiss the hooker
Making the man apologize to the pimp
Making a pass at the hooker herself
5. Having run down a drug dealer, Mullins bludgeons the man in the street with:
A phone book
A tree branch
A bag of grass clippings
6. Mullins and Ashburn finally meet in:
The alley behind the police station
An interrogation room
A crowded street intersection
A jail cell
7. Which of Mullins' family members is/are in jail?
Her brother
Both her father and her step-father
Her uncle
Her twin sister
8. What is unusual about Mullins' brother Jason being in jail?
He is the former chief of police
He is a congressman
Mullins herself busted him
He doesn't want to be released
9. Ashburn, to Mullins: "Wow, you are just all _______ and no _______."
Vinegar / honey
Please / thank you
Vulgarity / manners
Stick / sugar
10. Mullins has an impressive collection of armaments in her apartment:
11. At a nightclub, Mullins attempts to sex up Ashburn a bit by:
Cutting up her clothes
Switching clothes with her
Dressing her in items found behind the bar
Attempting to redo her makeup
12. The purpose of Ashburn and Mullins' trip to the night club is to:
Protect a witness
Bug a phone
Identify a mole in the department
Stop a drug deal
13. Ashburn and Mullins' foil in the film is one Special Agent Craig, DEA, who is very, very:
14. Mullins rags on Ashburn about her yearbook, which is signed by only two people - both teachers. One of the inscriptions reads:
Nice to meet you
Try harder next year
You're growing to be a fine young man
It'll get better
15. One of the better comedic scene in 2013's films is the family dinner at Mullins' house. While Mullins deals with her brother, Ashburn admires a picture of Jesus achieving this athletic feat:
Kick a filed goal
Hitting a home run
Knocking out Muhammad Ali
Winning the Kentucky Derby
16. Sarah accidentally discloses that as a child she:
Aspired to be a beauty queen
Lived in foster homes
Dealt drugs herself
Stole kittens from people's homes
17. Ashburn and Mullins go on an all-night bender at a bar, during which Ashburn gives away her:
FBI badge
18. Something explodes right after Mullins and Ashburn emerge from the bar in which they have reveled. What goes boom?
The bar itself
A police surveillance van
A mailbox
Ashburn's (former) car
19. Mullins' nickname for Ashburn's FBI superior is:
Humpty Dumpty
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater
Piggly Wiggly
20. Attempting to round up her rowdy family to relocate them into protection, Mullins resorts to:
Handcuffing them together
Pulling a gun
Telling them about a phony bomb scare
Hitting one of her brothers with the door of the car she is driving
21. A bogus tip leads Ashburn and Mullins to a summon a squadron of law enforcement to the waterfront, where they assemble in time to bust a:
Garbage barge
Party boat
Paddle boat
Jet ski
22. Ashburn and Mullins break up as partners after:
Ashburn gets demoted
Mullins get Ashburn's boss fired
A newspaper prints an embarrassing photo of Ashburn and Mullins
Mullins' brother gets shot
23. Ashburn and Mullins reunite in order to dangle (and ultimately drop) a drug dealer from:
A pier
A balcony
An elevator shaft
The roof of a very tall house
24. Having been captured and tied up by the bad guys, Ashburn gets _________ several times, including by Mullins:
Insulted crudely
Kissed on the neck
Stabbed in the leg
Slapped in the face
25. Ashburn dispatches Larkin by shooting him in the _________, which Mullins had (only) threatened to do to another perp earlier in the film

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