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How Well Do You Know: The Green Mile
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1. When The Green Mile needed a director, it only made sense that they hire this guy who had already directed a critically acclaimed Stephen King adaptation. Who is the film's director?
The Shining's Stanley Kubrick
The Shawshank Redemption's Frank Darabont
Stand by Me's Rob Reiner
Apt Pupil's Bryan Singer
By way of explanation.....
Darabont also adapted the screenplay for the film.
2. In what state does The Green Mile take place (which is significantly more south than King's usual setting of Maine)?
3. As Paul recounts his life as a prison guard, he descriptively explains that their death row wasn't called The Last Mile but rather The Green Mile because the floor was "the color of _________."
faded limes
spring grass
day-old pea soup
Louisiana swamp moss
4. Flashback to 1935. According to Paul (Tom Hanks), it was the year of three things. Which of these is NOT one of those three things?
the worst urinary tract infection he ever had
John Coffey
‘those two dead girls'
a sweltering heat wave
5. With Darabont at the helm, it wasn't surprising that ______, alum of The Shawshank Redemption, played Klaus Detterick, the father of the girls for which John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) is on death row for supposedly murdering.
William Sadler
Clancy Brown
Gil Bellows
James Whitmore
6. At the prison, death row was located on __ block?
7. As Percy Wetmore (Doug Hutchison) is guiding John Coffey into E Block, he is yelling what to the displeasure of Paul and the other guards?
"Fresh fish"
"New one for ol' Sparky"
"Welcome to hell"
"Dead man walking"
8. Percy's vile and violent behavior is often tolerated because of who is related to. What powerful position does Percy's uncle hold?
district attorney
9. Paul explains the rules of the block to John in his cell but John only asks one question. What was his question?
If they leave the lights on at bed
Why is Percy so mean
When is supper time
Does it hurt
10. The fearless Mr. Jingles scurries into what room after getting some scraps from Paul, Brutal (David Morse) and Dean (Barry Pepper)?
the water closet
the restraint room
Paul's office
the execution room
11. The first person executed on the Green Mile in the film was played by Graham Greene. What was this character's name?
William Wharton
Brutus Howell
Harry Terwilliger
Arlen Bitterbuck
12. Paul incorrectly thinks that Percy would be satisfied with witnessing Bitterbuck's execution to transfer off the mile. He tells Paul that he won’t transfer until he is 'out front' for the execution. With disgust, Paul says, "Seeing a man die isn't enough for you, you gotta be close enough to smell his _____ cook?"
13. Following Mr. Jingles' display of tricks, which guard is the one to suggest getting the mouse a cigar box for a bed so he could sleep in Del's (Michael Jeter) cell?
14. When not-nearly-as-comatose inmate William Wharton (Sam Rockwell) arrives, he wreaks havoc on the mile and attacks the guards. While he is choking _____, it was _____ who finally knocks him unconscious.
Brutal / Dean
Percy / Brutal
Paul / Dean
Dean / Brutal
15. The guards nickname Wharton 'Wild Bill' but what old west outlaw does Wharton call himself (even sporting a tattoo with the nickname on it)?
Jesse James
Billy the Kid
Doc Holiday
Actually, the tattoo does say Wild Bill
16. For curing Paul of his urinary tract infection, his wife (Bonnie Hunt) made John what as a thank you?
apple pie
17. Starting to doubt that John really did kill the girls, Paul visits John's defense attorney Hammersmith. Which Hanks' Apollo 13 co-star played Hammersmith?
Kevin Bacon
Bill Paxton
Ed Harris
Gary Sinise
18. On the eve of Del's execution, he asks the guards what will happen to Mr. Jingles. Brutal eases his mind that Mr. Jingles can go live in a place called Mouseville, where he can join the circus to perform for kids. What city in Florida does he tell Del where Mouseville is?
19. Percy sabotages Del's execution by not wetting the sponge for his head. Who first notices that the sponge was dry?
20. After visiting warden Hal Moores (James Cromwell) and his wife, Paul sees that her brain tumor is worsening. He devises a plan to get John to try to heal her the same way he did for Paul and Mr. Jingles. Which of these is not a part the plan?
Drugging a soda given to Wild Bill.
Locking Percy in the restraint room.
Having the gate guards leave their post at midnight.
Dean staying behind.
21. Staring at the night sky, John marvels at the stars and points out "______."
Cassie, the lady in the rocking chair
the big and little spoon
the North Star
the fullest moon I've ever seen
22. Reluctantly, Hal lets John try to heal his wife, which he successfully does. She explains that she had a dream where they found each other and gives him what religious item as thanks?
her grandmother's crucifix
St. Christopher medal
rosary beads
23. When Wild Bill grabbed his arm, John 'saw' that it was Wild Bill that killed the two sisters for which John is on death row for. To make him pay, John passes the warden's wife's disease to Percy, who then shoots and kills Wild Bill. How many times does he shoot him?
just once…to the head
twice in the chest
once in the chest and once in the head
six times to the chest…emptying his gun
By way of explanation.....
While not the transfer they wanted, Percy did end up at Briar Ridge Mental Institution but as a patient and not an administrator.
24. John takes Paul's hand to show him what Wild Bill had done. Seeing that Wild Bill used threats to kill the other girl if a sister didn't cooperate, John told Paul, "He killed 'em with they _____."
25. Along with a last meal of meat loaf and some of Paul's wife's cornbread, John asked to see a 'flicker show.' Paul arranges for them to show John the movie Top Hat. Who is the song-and-dance man that stars in the film?
Gene Kelly
James Cagney
Gene Autry
Fred Astaire
By way of explanation.....
This is the same film at the beginning that brought tears to the elder Paul.
26. On the way to Ol' Sparky, John tells the guards that he had a dream of Mr. Jingles in Mouseville. Who did he say was with him in the dream?
the warden's wife
the sisters Wild Bill killed
27. At his execution, John's last words for the witnesses were what?
"I tried to take it back."
"I'm sorry for what I am."
"Please forgive me."
"I did all I could."
28. Back in present day, Paul explains that John's was the last execution for him and Brutal, who both transferred to boys correctional. How old does Paul say he is when he takes Elaine to see Mr. Jingles?
98 years old
102 years old
108 years old
He honestly can't remember.
29. At the end Paul believes that seeing his loved ones and friends die over the years is his punishment. "It's my atonement you see; it's my punishment, for letting John Coffey ride the lightning; for ______."
killing a miracle of God
not protecting John
letting him pay a debt that wasn't his
making this world worse without him in it
30. The brilliant portrayal of John Coffey by Michael Clarke Duncan was recognized with SAG, Golden Globes and Oscar nominations. At the Oscars, Duncan lost the award to which other nominee?
The Cider House Rules' Michael Caine
Magnolia's Tom Cruise
The Talented Mr. Ripley's Jude Law
The Sixth Sense's Haley Joel Osment

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