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How Well Do You Know: The Sopranos, S01E01: Pilot
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1. Let's start off with a question for which, if you don't know the answer, you probably shouldn't proceed further:

This animal is the most central to the action and theme of the pilot of The Sopranos:
2. The events in the episode coincide with which holiday?
Tony and Carmela's anniversary
Anthony Jr.'s birthday
Fourth of July
Memorial Day
3. The episode opens with Tony in Dr. Melfi's waiting room, staring at a:
Painting of a beach at sunset
Popular Mechanics magazine
Slowly ticking clock
Nude bronze
4. Meadow is angling for a trip to this popular destination:
5. Dr. Melfi warns Tony that doctor-patient confidentiality does not extend to a situation in which:
She believes Tony is a threat to himself
She believes Tony is a threat to her
She hears that a crime will take place
She hears a threat against law enforcement
6. Tony inflicts violence for the first time in the series by:
Beating a man with his fists
Shooting a man a point-blank range
Beating a man with a piece of lumber
Running a man down with Christopher's car
7. Tony concerns himself with a rival waste management company run by men of this nationality:
8. Uncle Junior is:
Tony's father's brother
Tony's mother's brother
Tony's father's uncle
Tony's mother's uncle
9. Tony visits his mother Livia, and brings her this item:
A cordless telephone
A hi-fi VCR
A CD player
A new television
10. AJ is crestfallen when he hears his grandmother won't make it to his party, as it means there will be no:
11. What happens immediately after Tony collapses for the first time in the episode?
Meadow storms out of the house after an argument with her mother
Christopher's nose starts to bleed
A barbeque grill explodes
AJ throws a rock through a window
12. Christopher kills one of the Czechs during a supposed negotiation which takes place:
In a butcher shop
On a loading dock
In Artie Bucco's restaurant
In a drycleaner's
13. "You may run North Jersey, but you don't run:"
Your family
Your daughter's life
Your mother
Your Uncle Junior
14. Carmela hears what she believes is someone breaking into the house (while it's just Meadow sneaking out). Her reaction to the noise is to:
Call the police
Grab a machine gun
Grab a butcher knife
Try to call Tony, who doesn't answer his phone
15. When Tony asks Dr. Melfi what part of the boot she is from, she answers:
16. Tony wonders what happened to this actor, who he cites as "the strong, silent type. That was an American."
Steve McQueen
John Wayne
Humphrey Bogart
Gary Cooper
17. Salvatore Bonpensiero advises Christopher to do this with the body of the slain Czech family member:
Throw it in a dumpster
Throw it in a river
Bury it
Send it back to the Czechs one piece at a time
18. Tony faints for the second time when the family visits:
A mortuary
A prestigious school for Meadow
A nursing home
An art gallery
19. We see Carmela taking a roll of cash from ______________ in the kitchen:
In a blender
A Campbell's soup can
The back of the silverware drawer
A coffee can
20. Meadow rebels against Carmela as she turns up her nose at a tradition of going into the city for ________ with her mother:
Riding the subway
A visit to the Empire State
21. Uncle Junior wants to knock someone off at the restaurant run by Tony's friend Artie. Tony tries to thwart the plan by giving Artie tickets for:
Disney World
A cruise
The Grand Canyon
A flight to the old country
22. We see Tony cavorting with his mistress who wears only this type of hat:
23. Tony discusses with Silvio Dante a plan to set fire to Artie's restaurant while watching Meadow play:
Field hockey
24. Tony describes to Dr. Melfi a dream in which his belly button is a ____________....and then the dream gets a little weird.
Clock face
25. At the end of the episode, Junior drives Livia to the party, and infers he may need to take Tony out. Livia's response is to:
Slap Uncle Junior
Start crying hysterically
Call the nursing home to inquire about availability
Look silently out the window

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