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How Well Do You Know: Veronica Mars
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1. Veronica graduated undergrad and law school from these two institutions, respectively:
Berkeley & Georgetown
Cal Tech & Princeton
Stanford & Columbia
UCLA & Penn
2. Logan is accused of murdering pop star Bonnie DeVille, who back in high school was known as:
Madison Cohen
Margaret Sullivan
Carrie Bishop
Heather Pence
3. We hear the TV show's theme song "We Used to Be Friends" first in the film:
Performed by a busker on a street
On a car radio
As muzak in an elevator
Whistled by a janitor
4. Carrie Bishop died by being:
Hung in a closet
Electrocuted in bathtub
Pushed down a long flight of stairs
Strangled with an electrical cord
5. Veronica's primary reason for her return to Neptune is:
To attend the Neptune High reunion
To see her father
To solve the murder of Bonnie DeVille
To help Logan choose a lawyer
6. Logan is in the branch of the military:
Air Forrce
7. When Logan said 'jump', did you actually say 'how high' or was there just an understanding that you would achieve max verticality? Who yanks Veronica's chain with this?
8. As Ruby Jetson takes the stage for karaoke, Logan mentioned how he found Ruby hiding in Bonnie's:
Car trunk
9. Logan relates how he responded to a _________ from Carrie, which led him to being at her house when she was murdered:
Voicemail message
Facebook posting
10. Veronica bluffs that she is scouting for a film directed by and starring:
Sophia Coppola
Clint Eastwood
Woody Allen
Ben Affleck
11. Ruby scores a date with Logan so that Veronica is spared being charged with:
Simple battery
Grand theft auto
12. Ruby's theory is that this entity is behind Bonnie's murder:
The Catholic church
13. Which is not true of Eli the Veronica first sees him in the film?
He is wearing slacks
He hasn't ridden his bike in years
He is coaching JV at Neptune High
He has a wife and daughter
14. The name of Susan Knight's boat is:
Esprit de corps
15. The brawl at the reunion ends when:
A bomb scare is announced
Sprinklers go off
The cops arrive
The facility loses power
16. Celeste Kane reported that Eli said this when he approached her car - and it are these words that Eli find the most troubling part of the accusation:
Come to papa
Time to party
Let's get jiggy
Lookin' mighty fine in them jeans
17. Veronica gets the file on the Susan Knight case from Dan Lamb by pretending she is:
His supervisor
Someone from the mayor's office
A police clerk from another jurisdiction
A news reporter
18. When Veronica seeks out Leo,
She suspects he is drunk
He pretends he doesn't remember Veronica
She finds he has been suspended
They kiss immediately
19. Seeing a picture of Susan Knight's boat, Veronica notices:
The lack of an anchor
Blood on the side
It is listing to one side
Its registry has changed
20. There may be six degrees between anyone on the planet and Kevin Bacon, but if you’re under 30 and living in Southern California, you’re never more than two degrees from:
James Franco
Seth Rogen
Jonah Hill
John Krasinski
21. The film concerns itself with spy cams that were embedded into tablets given out at the:
Radio Disney Awards
MTV Music Awards
Grammy Awards
People's Choice Awards
22. Piz breaks up with Veronica when he is:
Getting off a plane
Standing outside a hotel
Riding in a cab
Standing in her apartment
23. Truman-Mann rescinds their job offer to Veronica because:
They see her sex tape
They learn that she was been working on Logan's case
Veronica doesn't show up on her first day of work
Veronica wouldn't return their call
24. Who is in the car with Keith when it is struck repeatedly by another vehicle?
Deputy Sacks
Cliff McCormack
Dan Lamb
25. Veronica is able to bug Gia's residence thanks to the delivery of:
Designer water
A handbag
26. Cobb hears Gia spill the beans:
Over a radio frequency
On a cell phone
Through a Skype session
Through a bug he has planted in Gia's apartment
27. Gia admits that Susan died of:
A self-inflicted gunshot wound
A drug overdose
A bottle to the head
A gunshot
28. Gia is killed shortly after noting that she does not have any:
Pots or pans
Stairs in her apartment
Vintage clothing
29. With Cobb about to find her hiding place, Veronica escapes through a combination of each of the following, except for:
A lamp
A cell phone
A taser
30. As Logan is about to return to duty, Veronica sees him in uniform and recalls a cleaned-up version of a quote from this movie:
The Shining
The Blues Brothers
A Few Good Men

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