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How Well Do You Know: No Country for Old Men
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1. Sheriff Ed Bell laments that crime in Terrell County, Texas has gotten more violent. He once arrested a man who dispassionately committed one. What did he do?
Robbed the house of an old woman
Burned a dog alive
Murdered a 14-year-old
Kidnapped a 6-year-old
2. What does Llewellyn see first that leads him to the scene of a drug deal gone wrong and a satchel of Mexican heroin money?
A spill of blood
One of the drug dealer's dogs
A trail of tire marks
The path of the fleeing deer
3. One of the Mexican truck drivers is still alive in the desert asking for water. Which color/model truck is he in?
Red truck (Ford Bronco)
Blue truck (Dodge Ram)
Green truck (Ford Bronco II)
Tan truck (F-250)
4. What is the name of the trailer park which Llewellyn and Carla Jean live in?
Coyote Tooth
Desert Air
Cactus Pear
Trailing Sun
5. Call it! You’ve been putting it up in your whole life. You just didn’t know it. You know what date is on this quarter?
6. Officer Bell is called back from retirement to investigate a burned car. What model is it?
Chrysler ‘67
Cadillac ‘74
Oldsmobile ‘76
Ford ‘77
7. Because he’s being pursued by Anton, Llewellyn sends his wife away to her mother. Where does Carla Jean work?
Stater Bros.
Pick ‘N’ Save
Rite Aid
8. Need a number for Agnes Kracik? I’ll give you four random numbers from the phone invoice and you choose the correct one.
9. Where does Llewellyn go to purchase a 12 gauge shotgun and a tent?
Humphrey’s Gun Shop
Bracken Guns
Cactus Weapons Systems, Inc.
Tina’s Range Gear
10. The man who hired Anton gives a credit card to Carson Wells. How much money does the card hold in a 24-hour period?
11. Llewellyn then stays at the Eagle Pass to distance even further from his killer. Which room is he staying?
12. At night, Llewellyn finds a tracking device hidden in the satchel. Where specifically in the satchel does he find it?
In the opening at the bottom of the bag
Under all the money
Engraved in a cash bundle
Through the handle
13. At the U.S./Mexico border, Llewellyn comes across a group of young men and asks for one of their coats. How much does he give them in exchange?
14. So Llewellyn tosses the money nearby the Rio Grande. Where in Mexico does he end up after his hangover?
Nuevo Laredo
Ciudad Acuna
Piedras Negras
15. What is it that Torbert says about truth and justice?
We dedicate ourselves daily anew
To protect our kin and skin
The heavens may fall, but it must be done
Nothing is settled till it is settled right
16. How does Carson describe Anton Chigurh?
One of the toughest hitmen in Texas
More lethal than Lee Harvey and Charles Manson combined
One sad and depressed man
A man with no sense of humor
17. What was Llewellyn’s previous job?
Oil driller
Bounty hunter
18. What do Carson and Llewellyn have in common?
They both were welders
They both got involved in a cat-and-mouse chase with Anton
They both purchased using the drug money
They both served in Vietnam
19. Charlie Walser used to slaughter cows and bulls, truss them up and slit their throats. How much did each roundup beef weigh?
500 lb
600 lb
700 lb
900 lb
20. Remember when I mentioned that Llewellyn served in Vietnam? Can you guess which rank in the US Army he was under?
23rd Infantry Division
4th Armored Division
1st Signal Brigade
12th Infantry Regiment
21. On a mission to kill Carla Jean, Anton claims to look for an airport. Unfortunately, which city besides El Paso contains an airport nearby that highway?
Fort Stockton
St. Andrews
22. Alas, Llewellyn has been killed by a gang in Desert Sands Motel. What room was he in?
23. Sheriff Bell is still hung up about the “homicidal lunatic.” How does he describe Anton?
24. Who else has passed away since and what was he/she?
Ellis, Sheriff Bell’s old deputy
Agnes, Carla Jean’s mother
Deputy Wendell, Sheriff Bell’s current deputy
Carla Jean, Llewelyn’s wife
25. Did you know that another Western film was being made at the same time as No Country for Old Men? So much that it interrupted the shooting of one of Country’s scenes. What was that film?
3:10 to Yuma
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
There Will Be Blood
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

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