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How Well Do You Know: Harlem Nights
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1. The movie begins with a orphan killing a man at Sugar Ray's club. Why was the man so riled up in the first place?
The kid spilled his drink
He thought Sugar Ray was cheating at cards
He said kids bring him bad luck
He lost all his money playing poker
2. What was Eddie Murphy's character's name in the film?
3. Sugar Ray owns a night club in the back of his legitimate business. What kind of place of business does Sugar Ray have?
A drug store
A barber shop
A toy store
A candy store
4. Legendary comedian Red Fox plays Benny, a craps dealer. What issue is Benny trying to hide that is keeping him from performing his job?
He can't see
He's a compulsive cheat
He can't hear
He has dementia
5. Quick gets into a fight with Vera and shoots her. What part of her body does he shoot off?
Her big toe
Her pinkie toe
Her ear
Her pinkie finger
6. Quick's friends try to scare him into not dating Dominique. What do they insist she will do to him?
Put a voodoo curse on him
Cast a spell on him, turning him into a toad
Have her boyfriend kill him
Slit his throat while he sleeps
7. Sugar Ray and Quick are very good friends with a professional _______.
Football player
Base ball player
8. Jack Jenkins the boxer has been in a few too many fights. What affliction does he suffer from?
He's deaf in one ear
A horrible stutter
He's going blind
9. What is Vera's job title at Sugar Rays'?
A dollar-a-dance girl
A madam
A whore
A cigar girl
10. Arsenio Hall has a small role in the film. He is extremely upset with Quick. What does he believe Quick has done to him?
Stolen his girlfriend
Robbed him
Slept with his mother
Killed his brother
11. Sugar Ray and Quick make a enemy with the ruthless Bugsy Calhoun. Bugsy is so mean.. he does what to his own man to teach him a lesson?
Slams a piano hood on his hand
Pours hot coffee on him
Hits him in the head with a bat
Stabs him in the leg with a pencil
12. Bugsy Calhoun is trying to recruit Quick to do what for him?
Drive for him
Run a night club
Become a snitch for him
Kill someone for him
13. Sugar Ray has a wonderful idea how his group and him can make a lot of money. The main premise of the cash depends on _______.
Robbing a jewelry store owned by his enemy
Taking over their enemy's night club
The outcome of a boxing match
Betting on a horse race
14. Vera sends a girl named _____ to distract Bugsy's boy Richie.
15. How does Dominique try to kill Quick?
A knife under the mattress
Poison in the wine
Strangulation with her scarf
A gun hid underneath a pillow
16. What does Bugsy Calhoun do to Sugar Ray to really hurt him?
Puts his wife in the hospital
Trashes and vandalizes his house
Burns down his club
Has him arrested
17. Sunshine proves not to be the lady Richie thought she was. Instead, she's called what?
Miss Stab-and-grab
Lady Heroin
Madam Liquors
The Black Widow
18. Quick and Sugar Ray lock Detective Cantoe into what?
A zoo cage
A restaurant freezer
A closet
A bank vault
19. It turns out Sunshine wasn't really carrying bags of heroin. What was in the bags instead?
Baking soda
20. How do Sugar Ray and Quick finally get rid of Bugsy and his band of misfits?
Rapid gunfire
Running their car off a bridge
A explosion
Having them thrown in prison

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