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How Well Do You Know: Dirty Harry (version 2)
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1. Where does the first of the Scorpio killings take place?
outside a strip club
a laundromat
a rooftop pool
a deserted factory
2. Scorpio has left a ransom demand, demanding that the city pay him how much to stop killing?
3. If the city does not comply with Scorpio's demands, he will kill either a [n-word] or a _________.
Call girl
Catholic priest
City councilman
First-grade teacher
4. Harry's radio identification is Inspector:
5. What is Harry's usual lunch (and usual dinner) at his usual diner?
a Reuben
a hamburger
a cheese-burger
a hot dog
6. Harry tells the diner owner to call the police and tell them they is a what in progress?
7. Harry shoots three bankrobbers. How many times does he shoot?
8. What question does Harry suggest the bankrobber ask himself?
"Is today my day?"
"Do I feel lucky?"
"Am I gonna get outta here?"
"Are you gonna go for that gun?"
9. Harry tells the police doctor how to treat his would, and the doctor asks him "Do I come down to the station and tell you how to _______?"
sit behind a desk all day
take a kickback
frame an innocent man
beat a confession out of a prisoner
10. Harry is assigned a rookie partner. What is his name?
Roman Viera
Chico Gonzales
Angel Veracruz
Tito Hermosa
11. Chico is a college boy. What is his degree in?
computer science
classical French literature
12. There are several theories about why Harry is called 'Dirty Harry'. What is not one of them?
he hates people of every race and creed
he never takes a shower
he is a pervert
he gets assigned every dirty job that comes along
13. Harry and Chico are called to the scene of a suicide attempt. Harry uses some reverse psychology to coax the man down, but eventually has to resort to:
shooting him
tackling him
hitting him
singing to him
14. Harry and Chico decide on a rooftop stakeout to catch the Scorpio killer. What does the sign on the roof say?
Jesus Saves
Eat At Joe's
Open All Nite
Sports And More
15. After Scorpio kidnaps a teenage girl, the Mayor decides the city will pay the ransom. Harry is led on a wild goose chase, but eventually makes the drop where?
the entrance to Forest Hill station
the payphone at Marina Green
the hamburger stand at Aquatic Park
the cross at Mount Davidson
16. At the ransom drop, Harry meets a young man. What is his name?
17. After Harry stabs him at the drop, the Scorpio killer makes it to an emergency room. The doctor later tells Harry that he recognizes the Scorpio killer as a man who works at:
a car wash
the football stadium
a deli
City Hall
18. The District Attorney is complaining about Harry's mistreatment of the suspect. What is Harry all broken up about?
his face
his rights
his due process
his presumption of innocence
19. The judge agrees with the District Attorney's assessments. Of the following, which amendments of the Constitution did Harry certainly not break when making the arrest?
the Fourth Amendment
the Fourteenth Amendment
the Fifth Amendment
the Thirteenth Amendment
20. Harry starts stalking Scorpio on his free time, so to get the police off his back, Scorpio pays a man for how much worth of beatings?
21. Harry claims that anyone can tell that he wasn't the one to beat up Scorpio. Why?
because Scorpio's still able to walk
because Scorpio's still able to talk
because Scorpio looks too damn good
because Scorpio's still not in the ground
22. Harry's partner Chico has decided to leave the force. What is he going to do instead?
be a journalist
travel the world
work in the movies
be a teacher
23. Scorpio demands a ransom and a plane to leave the country. What does he hijack for leverage?
an ambulance
a school bus
a metropolitan bus
a limousine
24. What is the most powerful handgun in the world?
a Colt .22
a .44 Magnum
a Smith & Wesson .40
a Beretta 92
25. After shooting Scorpio dead, what is Harry's final act in the movie?
eating a piece of cake
slashing a car's tires
throwing his badge in the lake
ripping the receiver from a payphone

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