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21 Jump Street 7/11/12 77.03%[23.11/30]        Comments
2012's 21 Jump Street is an unexpectedly entertaining of the 80s undercover-cops-posing-as-high-schoolers TV show. How well do you know 21 Jump Street?
24: The Final Season 5/25/10 78.63%[18.87/24]        Comments
Jack is the lone voice of reason and truth as goes from saving the day at the request of the President to being hunted on orders of the President to prevent him from uncovering a conspiracy that threatens a peace deal.
American History X 7/2/11 68.56%[17.14/25]        Comments
American History X is a powerful story of a man's hope for redemption and quest to live with out hate. How well do you know American History X?
Angie Tribeca, Season 1 1/26/16 58.68%[14.67/25]        Comments
Featuring an outstanding cast and a never-ending string of inspired jokes, Angie Tribeca amused possibly dozens of people during its 25-hour marathon.
Archer, Season 1 Recap 9/29/11 81.28%[20.32/25]        Comments
In 2009,FX network debuted Archer, an animated program detailing the exploits of the greatest spy...oh, I don't know....ever!
Archer, Season 3 Recap 3/24/12 84.85%[22.06/26]        Comments
You may know a dead ambassador from a cyborg finacee, but how well do you know Archer: Season 3?
Austin Powers in Goldmember 3/10/11 71.43%[21.43/30]        Comments
When you have a super-spy father, catching Dr Evil and being knighted isn’t enough to resolve your overwhelming daddy issues.
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1/13/11 76.70%[23.01/30]        Comments
British gentleman spy Austin Powers, frozen since the '60s, wakes up in the '90s to a world without communism, psychedelic drugs or free love.
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 2/15/11 71.60%[21.48/30]        Comments
In the spirit of the Austin Powers movies, this quiz will recycle as many questions as possible from the last Austin Powers quiz.
Bone Collector, The: 9/30/14 79.05%[15.81/20]        Comments
It was the highly effective teaming of Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington. See how well you remember this late 90s crime thriller.
Casino Royale 11/12/08 71.72%[17.93/25]        Comments
The Bond franchise returned in 2006 with Daniel Craig playing a brash, arrogant version of Bond who is new to the service and doesn't realize how much he has to learn about life, love and misogyny.
Castle: Season 3, Part 1 1/23/11 74.10%[14.82/20]        Comments
Do you know what happens next? How well do you know Castle: Season 3?
Chinatown 5/3/07 54.30%[10.86/20]        Comments
Today Chinatown is rightly lauded as a masterpiece of American cinema. The modern film noir is a fond ode to classic noir films such as The Maltese Falcon and features some terrific acting.
Closer, Season 6 Recap, The: 9/14/10 75.36%[18.84/25]        Comments
Sanchez adopted a boy (sort of), Flynn and Provenza dated stewardesses (sort of), and Brenda had aspirations to become Chief of Police (sort of).
Closer, Season 7 Recap Part 1, The: 9/13/11 82.28%[20.57/25]        Comments
You may regret ever hearing the name Shootin' Newton, but how well do you know The Closer, Season 7?
Closer, Season 7 Recap Part 2, The: 8/14/12 79.68%[19.92/25]        Comments
In The Closer's final episodes, Brenda Leigh Johnson must deal with personal tragedy, professional consequences and a menacing nemesis.
Closer: Season Five, The: 8/25/09 76.27%[19.83/26]        Comments
From the passing of Kitty to the lift that Provenza got from having a girlfriend, The Closer's fifth season proved as gripping and entertaining as usual.
Clue 10/7/14 76.33%[22.90/30]        Comments
Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum and the other Clue characters came to life in this madcap 1980s film which featured various endings shown in different theaters.
Cobra 5/23/11 78.10%[15.62/20]        Comments
In Cobra, Sylvester Stallone plays - get this! - a grizzled cop who plays by his own set of rules. Really!
Covert Affairs Season 2 Recap, Part 1 11/1/11 78.56%[19.64/25]        Comments
Covert Affairs Season 2 follows the adventures of Annie Walker. Dispatched on missions, Annie must pursue her assignments while trying to keep her cover at home
Covert Affairs, Season 1 Recap 9/15/10 74.84%[18.71/25]        Comments
A mysterious incident from her past propels young CIA trainee Annie Walker headlong into some serious spying in the freshman season of Covert Affairs.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Pilot 3/25/10 60.70%[12.14/20]        Comments
America became fascinated with forensics. In 2000, CSI: premiered and quickly became a No. 1 hit series.
Damages, Season 3 4/20/10 85.27%[25.58/30]        Comments
Damage's third season had all of the twists, double-crosses and solid performances for which the season is known.
Damages, Season Two: Part I 5/3/09 78.25%[15.65/20]        Comments
Coupled with excellent writing material to boot, Damages' sophomore season was nothing short of a complete actors' orgy.
Dark Knight (Part I), The: 6/25/09 76.68%[19.17/25]        Comments
You may have seen the movie countless times, but will you be courageous enough to stand up against some tough questions or, like Batman, throw this quiz against a wall to get the answers?
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