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How Well Do You Know: NCIS Season 10 Recap, Part 1
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1. "Extreme Prejudice": While Tony and Ziva are stuck in the elevator, one of them gets a call from
DiNozzo, Senior
Eli David
2. "Extreme Prejudice": NCIS traces Dearing to a cabin in West Virginia, but he escapes via
Moonshine run
Slave tunnel
Hunter's pickup truck
3. "Recovery" - Abby has a nightmare about entering
Her car
The elevator
4. "Recovery": When the team is subject to mandatory psych evaluations, who turns out to be "disturbingly" mentally stable?
5. "Phoenix": Gibbs yells at Ducky for doing what when he is supposed to be on medical leave?
Showing up in Autopsy
Ordering an exhumation
Trying to take over a case
Going hiking
6. "Phoenix": The suspect in the case turns out to be dealing (fake) what?
Moon rocks
Dirty bomb material
World Trade Center steel
7. "Lost at Sea": Ziva volunteers Tony and McGee for an assignment with Agent Borin, and tells them about it by giving Tony a
Pair of rubbers
Gas mask
8. "Lost At Sea": The victim's wife asked Gibbs to bring back a special item for their son. What was it?
Dog tags
Pilot wings pin
Flight helmet
9. "Namesake": Gibbs finds his dad's best friend's Congressional Medal of Honor
At a crime scene
On a dead body
In a pawn shop
At his father's store
10. "Namesake": When Tony and Ziva go to a college dorm to check out a suspect, Ziva chews out the suspect's roommate for
Waking up at 3pm
Not studying
Smoking pot
Having unprotected sex
11. "Shell Shock Part 1": Tony has been kept awake at night because of:
Barking dogs
Thinking of his mother
The local sewage treatment plant
Screaming neighbors
12. "Shell Shock" Part 1": Tony shows Ziva a photo of him and his mother, in front of a movie theater. What was the last movie Tony and his mother saw together?
The Princess Bride
Star Wars
The Little Prince
Raiders of the Lost Ark
13. Shell Shock Part 2: When Abby takes Sgt Westcott through a video simulation of his unit's ambush on an enemy base camp, Westcott gives Abby what nickname?
Call of Booty
First Person Scuito
Lady Labcoat
Black Widower
14. Shell Shock Part 2: Ziva confides in Tony about her sister, while they are on a stakeout. Who are they staking out?
A hooker with blonde hair
A drag queen with pink hair
A skater with green hair
A girl with blue hair
15. Gone: An abductor tries to snatch Lydia and Rosie while they are leaving their jobs at a
Movie theater
Bowling alley
Department store
Fast food restaurant
16. Gone: While Ziva and Abby are staying with Lydia at Gibbs' house, an intruder comes in. Who takes him out, and how?
Ziva, with her bare hands
Abby, with a frying pan
Ziva, with a gun
Abby, with a 2" x 4" from the basement
17. "Devil's Trifecta": Gibbs and Fornell run into their ex-wife Diane, who is working as an enforcement agent for which agency?
Coast Guard
Homeland Security
18. "Devil's Trifecta:" Diane and ________ attend a wedding reception undercover to talk to a suspect.
19. "You Better Watch Out": We learn that Tony has a goldfish named
20. "You Better Watch Out": We learn that while McGee was at MIT, he was the school mascot, which was a
Teddy bear
21. "Shabbat Shalom": When the team is going through their old undercover clothes, which item does Tony say he wants to keep?
Hawaiian shirt
Soul patch
Silk bathrobe
22. "Shabbat Shalom" When Ziva and Gibbs corner the shooter, he commits suicide. What method does he use?
Gunshot to the head
Lethal injection
Poison cigarette
Cyanide pill
23. "Shiva": McGee's Israeli spy contact, Gabriela, tells him that a group called ________ has been making threats against Mossad and Eli David.
First Wave
First Blood
First Swell
First Surge
24. "Shiva": Tony tells Ziva there's a gun hidden somewhere in his apartment. Where is it?
Under the kitchen sink
Tucked behind his Godfather DVDs
Inside the oven
Taped to the back of the toilet

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