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2001: A Space Odyssey 2/28/17 53.00%[13.25/25]        Comments
It's one of the undeniable classics in both science fiction and all of cinema. Its footprint is still evident in films today. And it's a reminder that computers will in fact one day kill us all.
About a Boy 4/9/09 66.68%[16.67/25]        Comments
Weaving through a duel narrative comparing the stories of a man who still behaves as a child and a child that is forced to be a man, this 2002 British comedy is an extremely compelling film.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 10/31/12 66.84%[16.71/25]        Comments
Abraham Lincoln - emancipator, supreme stateman....vampire hunter? Sure, why not? An entertaining alternative history satire was made into a 2012 action-horror film.
Adjustment Bureau (Version 2), The: 5/15/12 80.80%[20.20/25]        Comments
The Adjustment Bureau is a clever science fiction love story about two people whom fate attempts to keep apart.
Aquamarine 7/11/16 72.96%[18.24/25]        Comments
Alice Hoffman's book got adapted into a film in 2006, introducing the world to Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton and JoJo Levesque.
Beautiful Creatures 8/13/13 77.10%[23.13/30]        Comments
In 2013, Richard LaGravenese wrote and directed by cinematic version of the popular Kami Garcia/Margaret Stohl novel Beautiful Creatures. There was much rejoicing.
Bone Collector, The: 9/30/14 77.35%[15.47/20]        Comments
It was the highly effective teaming of Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington. See how well you remember this late 90s crime thriller.
Bridget Jones's Diary 6/18/09 78.70%[21.25/27]        Comments
2001's Bridget Jones's Diary, based on the popular novel by Helen Fielding, features Renee Zellweger in an Oscar-nominated performance as the title character.
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie 11/29/17 82.60%[20.65/25]        Comments
Tra-La-Laaaaaaa!! How well do you know Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie?
Carrie (1976) 10/11/16 56.22%[12.93/23]        Comments
One of - if not the best - Stephen King adaptation for screen, it made everyone rethink the many, many horrible things that can happen at the prom.
Charlie St. Cloud 7/24/11 71.04%[17.76/25]        Comments
Charlie St. Cloud is inseparable from his younger brother Sam. That holds true even after Sam dies in a tragic accident.
Charlotte's Web (2006) 2/5/12 49.64%[12.41/25]        Comments
You may know the difference between a spring pig and a springy pig but how well do you know Charlotte's Web (2006)?
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The: 12/11/07 85.24%[21.31/25]        Comments
If you like adaptations of well-regarded literary series, populated with passably rendered CGI creatures and chock-full of religious imagery, is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe for you
Cider House Rules, The: 4/23/11 55.16%[13.79/25]        Comments
Homer Wells is ready to leave the only way of life he's ever known, to experience the outside world.
Clear and Present Danger 9/22/11 77.83%[23.35/30]        Comments
Harrison Ford reprises his role of Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger, a rather scathing indictment of the Reagan-era War on Drugs.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 4/12/12 74.28%[18.57/25]        Comments
This is an uplifting tale of a quirky idealist's attempts to save his town. The we love it. How well do you know it?
Color Purple, The: 8/20/14 84.24%[21.06/25]        Comments
It created Oscars controversy, while launching Whoopi and Oprah to stardom. See how well you remember The Color Purple.
Congo 9/24/13 80.25%[16.05/20]        Comments
Michael Crichton's jungle-set sci-fi book was a surprise hit back in 1995, bringing in more than $150 million at the box office.
Coraline 10/20/09 76.68%[19.17/25]        Comments
Artistically gorgeous, mildly horrific, Henry Selick's screen adaptation of the Neil Gaiman book Coraline was one of 2009's cinematic gems.
Da Vinci Code, The: 5/14/09 69.43%[20.83/30]        Comments
Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code was one of the literary landmarks of the early 2000s. Amid a great deal of pre-release controversy, Columbia Pictures released a film version of the work in 2006.
Devil Wears Prada, The: 7/14/15 83.40%[20.85/25]        Comments
Anne Hathaway holds her own against screen legend Meryl Streep in the film adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada. Strap on your Jimmy Choos and see how well you remember this movie.
Divergent 8/28/14 83.70%[25.11/30]        Comments
Looking to follow the same path as the ultra-successful Hunger Games films, Divergent brings us a tale of a female struggling to break through in an oppressive, rigidly-structured society. Sound familiar?
DUFF, The: 6/24/15 86.65%[17.33/20]        Comments
Bianca looks for help in becoming more popular when she discovers that she's known as the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) of her group of friends.
Eat Pray Love 7/28/11 58.55%[11.71/20]        Comments
Her travels to and adventures in Italy (eat), India (pray) and Bali (love) became a best-selling novel.
Fantastic Mr. Fox, The: 8/30/16 73.72%[18.43/25]        Comments
Wes Anderson's choice to direct an animated version of the Roald Dahl classic seemed like an unusual choice. But for Anderson, what else did you expect?
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