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How Well Do You Know: The Color Purple
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1. Celie's father always reminds her she has the ugliest:
2. Celie has two children with her father. What does he do with the babies?
Gives them to his sister
Sells them
Keeps them
Kills them
3. Celie marries Mister, and has a unwelcome surprise when she first meets his children. What does Harpo do to his new step-mother?
Hits her with a rock
Puts worms down her dress
Pelts her with eggs
Throws mud at her
4. Celie finds Mister's house in complete disarray. What chore does she find the most difficult?
Doing the laundry
Scraping the mold and crud from the walls
Combing the children's hair
Cleaning the kitchen floor
5. Celie sees her baby and the woman who adopted her. The woman says the baby's name is Pauline, but later reveals she calls the baby by the name Celie gave her. What name did Celie give her baby?
6. What book does Nettie teach Celie to read, and which Celie re-reads over and over through the years?
Oliver Twist
Huck Finn
Gulliver's Travels
Treasure Island
7. Mister forbids Celie from ever doing what after Nettie leaves?
Leaving the house
Saying Nettie's name
Getting the mail
8. Harpo is madly in love with a woman named ________ - that sure is a pretty name.
9. What is Shug's first impression on seeing Celie for the first time?
She makes fun of Celie's clothes
She tells her how ugly she is
She tells her what kind eyes she has
She thanks her for her generosity
10. What advice does Celie give Harpo on how to deal with Sophia?
To beat her
To try to compromise
To talk to her
To leave her
11. What household chores does Mister attempt, and fail horribly at?
Washing clothes
Making the bed
Cooking breakfast
12. Shug reveals to Celie she has had a major falling out with whom?
Her husband
Her mother
Her children
Her father
13. Harpo tears down his own house to build what?
A church
A club
A store
A restaurant
14. Celie is in the middle of a bar room brawl that started from what?
Someone spilling a drink on another
Paying a bar tab
Two women fighting over Harpo
Two men fighting over Shug
15. Celie admits to Shug that Mister beats her because:
She isn't Shug
He hates his life
She isn't pretty
He's a drunk
16. Why is Sophia put in jail?
For refusing to be a maid
For striking the mayor
For pushing the mayor's wife
For cursing at the mayor's wife
17. Besides now having a permanent limp, what other disfigurement does Sophia now have?
Her nose is broken
Her front teeth are missing
She has a huge scar across her face
She is blind in one eye
18. Mrs. Millie backs out on a promise she made to Sophia. What did she promise her?
To spend Christmas with her kids
That she could go home on Sundays
That she only had to be her maid for 5 years
That she could go home for Easter
19. Shug and Celie discover that Nettie has been writing for years, and is now living in _________ taking care of her niece and nephew.
Central America
South America
20. Harpo has long been involved with a woman since Sophia's departure. What is this woman's unusual name?
21. You have to admit, Albert is pretty ballsy to ask Celie to shave him with a straight razor after he hits her. Who stops Celie from potentially opening Albert's throat?
22. At Thanksgiving dinner, Celie reveals to Albert that her kids and sister are alive. What does she tell him is going to happen when they return from Africa?
They are going to take her back with them
They are going to kill him
Their going to whip his ass
They are all going to live together forever
23. What is the last thing Celie does to Albert before leaving him forever?
Spits at him
Cusses him out
Promises revenge
Puts a curse on him
24. Albert is having a tough time dealing with life after Celie leaves him. His father comes over and witnesses what kind of chaos?
Smoke coming from the oven
Farm animals in the kitchen
Men passed out on the kitchen floor
Albert asleep on the kitchen table
25. Celie is now a proud shop owner. What is she designing and selling?

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