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How Well Do You Know: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
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1. As the film begins, the Pevensie children are being sent to the professor's house in the country. Why?
Their parents had been killed
The children were recovering from smallpox
They were being evacuated from the WWII bombings
Their home had been destroyed by fire
2. Which of the children was the first to go into the wardrobe?
3. What was the weather like in Narnia when the film offered the first glimpse of the land?
It was snowing
It was raining
It was warm and sunny
A tornado was blowing through
4. What object is first visible when crossing from the wardrobe into Narnia?
A lamppost
A church
A castle
A statue of Aslan
5. What kind of creature is Mr. Tumnus?
A centaur
A cyclops
A chimera
A faun
6. What is the correct order of the age of the children, from oldest to youngest?
Lucy - Susan - Edmund - Peter
Peter - Susan - Edmund - Lucy
Peter - Lucy - Susan - Edmund
Edmund - Peter - Lucy - Susan
7. Upon meeting the White Witch, what did Edmund ask for to eat?
Bangers and mash
Fig pudding
Zucchini bread
Turkish delight
8. All four of the children went into the wardrobe together to hide from the housekeeper. Why were they hiding?
The started a fire in the kitchen
The accidentally destroyed the Professor's books
They broke a window
They flooded the bathroom
9. After the children find the Mr. Tumnus has been captured, what kind of talking animal do they meet?
A giraffe
A zebra
A beaver
A fox
10. After learning about the prophecy, the children decide to leave Narnia. Why don't they?
Lucy is missing
Peter is sick
Edmund has left to meet the White Witch
Susan refuses to leave
11. Voiced by an uncredited Michael Madsen, Maugrim, the Witch's enforcer, is what type of animal?
A wolf
A snake
An eagle
A mongoose
12. Father Christmas gave to the children various gifts, including juice that would cure any injury and:
A mirror that would see into the future
A pendant that would stop time
A candle that could not be extinguished
A horn that would summon help
13. Aslan knighted Peter after the boy killed:
A rogue rat
An evil ogre
A wicked wolf
A treacherous tree
14. Which of the children journey with Aslan as he travels to the Stone Table and witness the lion sacrificing himself?
Lucy and Susan
Susan and Peter
Edmund and Peter
Lucy and Peter
15. How did word get to Peter and the others in the camp that Aslan had been killed?
The trees
An elaborate beacon system
Passenger pigeon
16. What type of animal or creature did Peter ride into the big battle?
A cheetah
A unicorn
A centaur
A griffin
17. Before Aslan appeared, what was the sign that the lion had been resurrected?
The dark sky brightened
The Stone Table cracked
The White Witch fell dead
The creatures that had turned to stone came back to life
18. The children were referred to in Narnia as Sons of ________ and Daughters of ________.
Joseph / Mary
Adam / Eve
Day / Night
The Earth / The Wind
19. What was the basis on which Edmund's life was bound to the White Witch?
He pinky-swore his allegiance
He was a traitor
He ate a forbidden fruit
He trespassed on her lands
20. What did Aslan do to the creatures who had been turned to stone to revive them?
Breathed on them
Shed tears on them
Roared in their presence
Spoke an incantation
21. Which of the children did the White Witch apparently kill during the battle?
22. Which Oscar nominee provided the voice of Aslan?
Jim Broadbent
Ian McKellan
Tom Wilkinson
Liam Neeson
23. At least twice during the film, someone mentions the name of the White Witch. What was it?
24. At the end of the film, the children are crowned, and Aslan confers titles upon them. Which is not correct?
Lucy the Valliant
Edmund the Contented
Susan the Gentle
Peter the Magnificent
25. Director Andrew Adamson had previously directed installments of which successful animated film franchises?
Pixar films
Shrek films
Ice Age films
Wallace & Gromit films

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