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How Well Do You Know: Congo
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1. The company Travel Com has sent men into the African Congo in search of what?
A lost comrade
2. Peter demonstrates a invention that allows Amy to do what?
3. Peter and Richard decided it's best to take Amy where?
The jungle
A zoo
A gorilla sanctuary
On tour
4. As the group arrives at the airport in Central Africa, they find this major development has taken place:
A bus was hijacked
A car bomb exploded
The president was assassinated
Multiple people were shot
5. The actor who plays Monroe Kelly is better known for his role in what iconic 80's classic?
Back to the Future
The Karate Kid
Ferris Bueller
Ghost Busters
By way of explanation.....
Ernie Hudson plays Winston Zeddemore in Ghostbusters
6. Captain Wanta screams at Homolka for doing what in his presence?
Drinking coffee
Eating cake
7. Captain Wanta informs Karen and Monroe that everyone in his country is afraid of what?
Being seen hurting a gorilla on TV
Being accused of killing white people
Evils that live in the Congo jungle
Angering the American government
8. Homolka has lied about his true intentions for the African trip. What is he actually searching for?
The fountain of youth
A lost city
A plant that cures cancer
Buried treasure
9. The group almost makes it to their destination Zaire. What tragic event stops them from reaching it?
Their boat sinks
Their plane is hijacked
Their truck is bombed
Their plane is fire bombed
10. Karen brings what home comfort for each jungle camper? (Even if it seems a little over the top.)
An air conditioner
A electric blanket
A radio
A toaster
11. Camping in the jungle may not be all it's cracked up to be. What happens to Peter in his tent?
He is bitten by a snake
He is attacked by fire ants
A bat buzzes his head
A leech sucks his blood
12. A forest tribe discovers that a man from Karen's company in the wilderness still alive. What does the man eventually die of?
A crushed skull
He is beaten to death
He is scared to death
He lost a arm
13. Homolka is looking for the lost treasure of King _____.
Mansa Musa
14. The group crossing the river in boats is attacked by what?
15. What is the symbol Amy been painting in her pictures, which also represents the City of Zinj?
An eye
A sun
A bird
A star
16. The scary gorillas in the film aren't actually seen until well over a hour in. Besides the obvious fact they're evil as hell, what is significant difference between these gorillas and normal ones?
They're maroon
They're white
They're gray
They're tan
17. Homolka translates the hieroglyphics written in King Solomon's cave. What do the creepy words say?
Monkey see Monkey do
We are watching you
You can not hide, for we see all
We are all around you
18. What kind of weapon does Karen use to kill the killer gorillas?
A laser beam
A flame thrower
A machete
An AK-47
19. What natural disaster saves the group from the killer apes, but almost kills the group instead?
A tornado
A monsoon
An earthquake
A volcano erupting
20. How do Karen, Monroe and Peter make their escape from the volcano?
By airplane
By jeep
By hot air balloon
By raft

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