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How Well Do You Know: The DUFF
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1. Bianca Piper is the news editor of her high school's newspaper. What's the name of the paper?
The Pitchfork
The Spartan
The Daily News
The Patriot
2. Bianca isn't invited to classmate Madison's party, but gets to attend anyway after:
a member of the football team feels bad for Bianca and gives her his invitation
Bianca pays a student $50 for his invitation
her friend Casey, who was invited, rips her invitation in two and gives half to Bianca
hiding in back of her friends and sneaking into the party
3. Madison and on-and-off-again boyfriend Wesley have been nicknamed _______ by fellow classmates.
"the relationship strobe light"
"the beautiful people"
"Brangelina Jr."
"Dumb and Dumber"
By way of explanation.....
because they're on and off again 1000x
4. Bianca's mother Dottie became a motivational speaker and writer after getting a divorce. She got the idea to help others through the steps of dealing with divorce after:
getting into a bike accident
having sex with her ex-husband on the day their divorce was finalized
watching an episode of The Simpsons
attending a Barry Manilow concert
5. Convinced that Casey and Jess were only friends with her because they needed a DUFF, Bianca publicly breaks up with them in the library. How does she let them know she no longer wants to be their friend?
she unlinks them from all of her social media accounts
she asks for their "best friend forever" necklaces and throws them in the trash
she announces it to them with a blowhorn in the middle of the library
she uninvites them to the get-together at her house that weekend
6. Bianca is upset after her neighbor Wesley informs her that she is the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) of her group of friends. After realizing he may be right, Bianca comes to him with a deal: if he helps her become "dateable", she will help him _______.
break up with Madison for good
pass science class, which he needs to do in order to play football
get into a good college
learn basic French, so he can impress the new foreign exchange student
7. Wes agrees to help Bianca, but only under one condition: what?
she has to promise not to associate with him when they are at school
she has to pay for his car detailing
she has to ask him for help in the "monster voice" they spoke in as kids
she has to refer to him as "Master of the Universe"
8. While shopping for a new wardrobe at the mall, Wes comments on Bianca's ill-fitting bra, which he claims he knows about because he _______.
spend a lot of time around Madison and her friends
has three older sisters
took a fashion class in school for extra credit
watches "Project Runway"
9. Wes makes Bianca's next mission to talk to 15 guys at the mall, trying to get a phone number or two. She keeps striking out until she talks to a mall employee. What is his job at the mall?
employee in charge of restocking toilet paper in the mall bathrooms
Starbucks barista
parking garage attendant
"toppings consultant" at a frozen yogurt place
10. Bianca tells her mother about her attempt to be more social and dateable while helping Dottie ______.
pick out a title for her latest self-help book
buy new pantsuits online
dye her hair
choose a picture for her internet dating website's profile
11. The embarrassing video of Bianca getting frisky with a department store mannequin goes viral, and everyone in school is laughing at her. The video becomes unwatchable, though, after ______.
Casey the computer hacker takes the video down
the video infects the network with a virus
Madison feels guilty and takes the video offline
Bianca begs her fellow students to stop watching
12. The school principal responds to the video by doing something that makes Bianca's fellow students hate her - what?
he has everyone stay after school for an emergency assembly
he assigns every student to detention until the person responsible for the video confesses
he makes every student turn in their cell phones, to be returned at the end of the school day
he revokes Madison's parking privileges
13. Wes insists that he didn't make or upload the video of Bianca. What does he give Bianca as a "peace offering"?
a bottle of rum
a dress she had been eyeing in the department store
the password to Madison's Facebook account
a video he took of Madison singing in the shower
14. Bianca asks out Toby, and then immediately panics. She looks for Wes so he can give her advice on how to handle the date - where does she find him?
the girls' bathroom
the nurse's office
the boys' locker room
home economics class
15. Bianca and Wes talk about her parents' divorce and his parents' potential divorce while at her favorite thinking spot. Bianca mentions that her mother wanted custody of Bianca; her father only wanted ______.
the family dog
the antique armoire
custody of her older brother
the wine collection
16. After they kiss, Wes tries to act as though it was part of Bianca's "training". How does she respond to this?
she cries
she tries kissing him again but he rebuffs her
she admits that was her first kiss
she licks his face after criticizing his kissing skills
17. Bianca's date with Toby doesn't go quite the way she had hoped it would. Which of the following does NOT happen during the date?
Bianca thinks about Wes often
Toby tells Bianca that Madison paid him to go on a date with Bianca so he could embarrass her again
Toby admits getting close to Bianca so he could find out whether Jess and Casey had dates for homecoming
Bianca discovers Toby's "homemade" sushi was actually restaurant take-out
18. After making up with Jess and Casey, Bianca decides to go to the homecoming dance with them. What does Bianca wear to the dance?
a dress that includes her favorite flannel shirt, made by Jess
her "Prom Queen Wannabe" t-shirt
her pajamas and slippers
one of her mother's favorite pant suits
19. Bianca tells Wes at the dance that she has feelings for him. While he initially tells her that he is back together with Madison, he decides he wants Bianca after all, after ______.
Madison breaks up with him on the dance floor
being named homecoming king (with Madison as queen)
Bianca walks out of the homecoming dance
Toby tells him he's making a horrible mistake
20. Bianca temporarily stops making out with Wes in the newsroom so she can ________.
punch Madison in the nose
find Jess and Casey and tell them how happy she is they are friends
call her mother
start writing her article on homecoming for the Pitchfork

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